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A Busy Mama’s Guide to Accessorising

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Let’s get accessorising, mamas!

These tips on adding depth to your wardrobe will help you look great, while still having plenty of time to spend with your kiddos. Layering, layering, and more layering—the “L” word is magical when it comes to adding depth to a busy mama’s wardrobe. Looking our best can help us feel our best, and whether that translates to full makeup and heels or to a smattering of mascara and your favourite flats, every woman is different. What does work well universally, though, is the idea of incorporating a couple of extra pieces to give your outfits a boost of style without a lot of time or effort.



This oft-overlooked accessory can be a godsend to a mama who hasn’t had the chance to shower. A cap will do just fine to cover your locks, but a wide brimmed hat will also shield your face from the sun during outings to the park. Have some fun with your hairstyle, too. Low braided pigtails or a sleek pony can look chic and effortless with your hat.



Recommended by Parenting magazine, a scarf that reflects the current temps is a great way to add a pop of colour to a plain top. Experiment with patterns, designs, and hues that accentuate your eyes and complexion. Opt for something that you aren’t attached to, as these often end up in the hands and mouths of babies, and may even be the target of the occasional spit up.



These are a multipurpose accessory that, not only, hides the lack of sleep that shows up under your eyes, but also protects your peepers from the rays when you’re toting your kids around town. With an abundance on Lyst, you can choose a few trendy pairs – aviators, cat eye, or wayfarers – at an affordable price point, just in case they end up crushed, broken, gnawed on, or lost in the sandbox.



Whether thin or thick, belts intended to be affixed around your midsection are awesome for adding an extra element to a baggy blouse or oxford-style shirt as you head out the door. For white, black, or neutral hued shirts, choose belts in fun and bright candy colours. Always keep a couple of neutral ones on hand in black, white, or brown because they’ll likely match the majority of your tops.



Let loose and have some fun with your shoes, especially the washable variety. With canvas shoes, choose colors or patterns you would normally shy away from because they’re not practical. After assessing your wardrobe, you might find that a black-and-white stripe or apple red canvas sneaker will work with several of your outfits after all. Tip: try casual kicks with a graphic tee as suggested over at Working Mother magazine.


If you throw your hair up in a pony, tie a piece of medium width ribbon into a bow around the base—this would be the perfect finishing touch to a preppy outfit. Another simple and easy accessory is a chic headband. Put your hair in a bun and use a scarf as a head wrap or nestle a decorative band for an added touch of style.

Remember that looking fashionable doesn’t have to cost a lot or require much effort. A few strategic accessories are all you need!

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