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An Indian Brunch Date with Aunties Food

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The Best Indian Meal Experience at Moombai & Co

If you’re craving for some really good Indian food then head down to Moombai & Co where a cafe style menu offering fusion Parsi cuisine with all of your favourite dishes reminiscent of an Indian Auntie’s dearly loved recipes – get ready to feel deliciously stuffed!

The Occasion:

A reason to escape the kitchen on weekend, spend some lazy time with my husband tucking into the ghee and butter loaded Aunty style home cooked food, eat all you can and make the most of your cheat day (I am still working on burning off the calories…but so worth it).


The Venue:

Moombai & Co Café and Bar at The H Hotel on Shiekh Zayed Road, takes you on a journey back to the traditional Irani-Parsi cafes, fusing together the magic of olden day Mumbai with the modern vibrancy of Dubai. The place is set up to look like an upscale dhaba.

The vibe:

As you walk in to Moombai & Co, the first thing that you experience is being taken back to a quintessential Irani cafe located somewhere in the by-lanes of Old Bombay. Complete with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, retro style decor, old Bollywood movie posters on the walls, the iconic Indian autorikshaw, and a TV from the 80s, this Irani-Parsi cafe is all about creating nostalgia and taking you right back to the 80s. Quirky and upscale, this is the place to go for a meal cooked with love – Aunty style (in India, aunties are biggest source of inspiration when it comes to cooking. Experimenting in the kitchen all day just to get that smile on her family’s face). Eating this feast at Moombai & Co. we were almost transported back to one of our weekend lunches back home fondly cooked by our aunty.


The Food:

We went to Moombai & Co. to feast on their Aunties Brunch. The brunch is a pick and mix a selection of items à la carte style and combines cafe style dishes with few classic speciality dishes that can be found at traditional Indian gatherings cooked by ‘aunties of the house’ – who are known for their feasts. From Nashta (breakfast) to Meetha (desserts) – they have got it all covered. It all started with Aunties Chai Martini – a twist to the traditional Indian chai (a visit to Indian household is incomplete without a cup of chai/tea). Next came in the Nastha (breakfast), which we will DEFINITELY be going back for – I’m talking white butter ladden Parantha, Omelette Pav (bread with Indian style eggs), Aunty style khanda poha (puffed rice with fried potatoes) to museli yoghurt with berries (for the healthy freak in the group – there is always one!) – ALREADY HAPPILY STUFFED! Only to be told that we were just getting started. For starters we were served a selection of perfectly cooked succulent and juicy barbeques complete with a selection of vegetarian, Chicken and Mutton dish. Then came the main course, I stuck to eating the Zaffran Ghost Biriyani – again made to perfection while my husband went for the bread basket and butter chicken.

By the time we got to dessert we had enjoyed one too many cocktails, and far too much amazing food already to fit anything else in, yet greedy me could not leave without dessert and scoffed off a bowl of kulfi.  Psstt… I could barely lift a finger let alone move by the end of this hearty meal.


Room for improvement:

The music was a let down. A place as quirky and fun as Mumbai & Co. could do with some peppy old Bollywood numbers, something that would be in line with the food and ambience and one that sets the mood for a long, lazy afternoon.

What we loved:

Almost everything that was on the menu (stuffed)! The venue with its little touches of Bombay streets… posters of old Bollywood movies on the walls… It really feels like you are taking a stroll in old Mumbai streets. What’s not love?! With it’s vibrant ambiance, colourful interiors, vast menu and delicious food, this place is definitely worth a visit.


I was skeptical about the food as most Indian restaurants has been a let down here in Dubai, so much that we have almost stopped eating Indian food out. But now I know where I’ll be heading to when the craving for Indian food strikes and I don’t feel like cooking up storm in my kitchen.

Moombai & Co., The H Hotel
Tel: +971 4 501 8607
Aunties Brunch Price:
The Moombai house beverages – AED345
Non-Alcoholic – AED 245


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