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Tempted By Botox, mamas? Read this first…

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Anti-ageing Is Out & Ageing Well Is In

There’s plenty that comes with getting older. Wisdom (mostly…), maturity (hmm…), experience… and then there are those pesky wrinkles and tell-tale signs that our skin may not be quite as youthful and forgiving as it once was. Living with sunshine every day of the year is great but also needs to be treated with caution which is why our friends at CosmeSurge recommend that not only does EVERYONE over the age of 18 needs an annual skin check to screen for skin cancer but that we should all start maintaining the health of our skin regardless of how old we are. We can’t reverse time (oh to be cellulite free and peachy again!) but we can make sure that we look like the best version of ourselves at whatever stage of life we’re at – and the best way to start is with a glowing complexion (because nothing makes wrinkles look even wrinklier than dull, dry skin).


Dr Lana Kashlan is an American Board certified dermatologist at CosmeSurge who’s about so much more than trying to fight ageing with procedures including Botox and fillers (although she very much believes that these are excellent options when used correctly), by focusing first on the health of your skin. Starting with a full skin exam including mole mapping, she’ll examine you head to toe for any spots that are suspicious for skin cancer, rashes, acne etc before asking about how each of her patients feels when they look in the mirror. And then? Your skin will be evaluated based on her findings and on a unique 4-point Skin Scale that will form the basis of a customised plan combining home skin care with in-office treatments including lasers, botox and fillers if necessary – to make you look your very best. Fabulous.


If you want to look rested and fresh even when you’re not (sleep-deprivation isn’t the friendliest to our faces), Dr Lana will help you get there with a simple, quick plan that doesn’t involve complicated skin care routines but rather a few steps to suit your lifestyle.

Sound good? We definitely think so. Now to make that appointment…

CosmeSurge are offering all Sassy Mamas a free consultation with mole mapping. Simply call their Dubai Marina branch on +971 (0) 4 447 1777 to and mention Sassy to book. Offer expires October 31st, 2017.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the most up to date advanced technology to rejuvenate your skin, please sign up below so that we can send you a personal invite to an exclusive event with CosmeSurge.



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