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Baby Friendly Fitness with Urban Energy

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Struggling to lose the last few kilos of baby weight? Or perhaps you’re newly pregnant (congrats Mama-to-be!) and want to stay fit throughout your pregnancy? We checked out Urban Energy’s Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Classes. With female trainers and certified pre and post-natal specialists, these ladies definitely know what they are doing.

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Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial to both you and your baby. Staying fit and active (provided your doctor has given the go-ahead) can help you sleep better, reduce back pain and other discomforts, prevent excess weight gain and boost your mood and energy levels – I say hooray to that! Sustaining activity levels can also assist with limiting the risks of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Urban Energy Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Classes are held together, so you will be training alongside other ladies right through from the early stages of pregnancy, to those that have delivered their babies and are now eager to get back into their skinnies! I personally found this a great way to chat to other woman that were going, or had been through, a similar situation to me. As a first-time mama, it was also motivating to see ladies who were getting on with life with gorgeous little babies in tow.

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The Urban Pre-Natal classes concentrate on exercises designed to retain your current fitness level and help prepare your body for labour. Each class features different moves to keep challenging your body and core exercises are designed to work the major muscles (legs, back, bum, and arms.) Lead Trainer Amy will advise on the correct techniques for each stage of your pregnancy, and suggest modifications for when the bump begins to get in the way!

Classes are circuit-based and feature a mix of light weights, core stability and low impact cardio and sessions are run at a number of locations across Dubai. During the cooler months, classes are held outdoors, helping you get your daily dose of fresh air and that much needed vitamin D. It can be difficult to find the motivation, especially towards then end when you are feeling heavy and lethargic but even once a week can make all the difference in getting you through the final stretch, preparing you for labour and assisting in getting your pre-preggers body back.

I have now returned to the post-natal classes which focus on regaining your strength, muscle tone, energy (to help combat those sleepless nights!) and  pre-pregnancy shape. Once your doctor has given their approval for you to begin exercising again, it can improve your mood (say goodbye baby-blues!) and help you start feeling like yourself again. Amy will advise you on exercise modifications depending on your baby’s delivery (C-section recovery time is often longer than normal birth) and how far post-natal you are. And the best thing about the classes? Your baby is welcome to attend along with you, which is perfect for mamas who don’t have the option of leaving their littles at home or just don’t want to do so – and  means one less thing to worry about with your new-found ‘baby brain’ status! If bubs is crying , needs a feed or a nappy change you can stop and sort and as everyone in the class is a mama or mama-to-be, there’s plenty of support all round! I love taking my little boy along to class and feeling comfortable tending to him if he needs me. Amy (an expecting mama herself) will often push a buggy around or give a baby a cuddle if they need some attention, which lets us all get on with our exercises. It’s this lovely personal touch that keeps ladies going back to class even once they have banished the baby bulge!

It’s now coming up to 3 months since I had my little boy and I can confidently say that Urban Energy sessions have helped me return to my previous fitness levels. Although challenging, the sessions are fun and supportive, and I feel  really comfortable training with other mamas. Meeting new people and swapping baby adventures with one another also keeps your mind off your burning thighs after far too many squats!

urban woman lifting babies

With classes on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and even Fridays, there really is no excuse mamas!

psst… Urban Energy also offer a buggy bootcamp class, where mums can train with bubs in prams. This class will return once the temperature drops and exercise outside becomes possible again – not long now!

For more information and class schedules, contact Amy at Urban Energy Fitness

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