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Mama’s Beauty Must-Haves This Month

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If you’re anything like me – and the rest of the Sassy Mama team – then your beauty radar will home in on any product that promises to wipe the signs of sleepless nights, partying (once upon a time) and general chaos that leaves a skincare routine and application of make-up one of the lowest priorities on the daily list. Ever searching for the elixir of youth, ‘that miracle’ cream that will firm, tone and make me look like Elle Macpherson (long legs, luscious hair and all) plus a must-have bit of make-up that will instantly transform my morning look, I am lucky that my Beauty Editor sister keeps me up to date with her latest research (and hopefully soon an invitation to an uber-duber gazillion dirham spa that will answer all my prayers). These are my latest must-haves for all you mamas out there!

beauty must-haves in dubai

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Not new on the beauty scene but a recent addition to my bathroom shelf, I swear that this product makes my skin perkier and younger looking after every use. At midnight while the whole house sleeps (please), this gorgeously scented blend of botanical oils is hard at work, complimenting your skin’s nocturnal activity while rejuvenating, anti-oxidising and generally performing miracles so you wake looking fresh, even if you don’t feel it. A little goes a long way – all you need is a few drops applied before your usual moisturiser and then a little of that much sought after shut eye. With lavender essential oil as one of the key ingredients, this product will even help you reach the land of nod.

Approximately AED 280, available at Kiehls stores across the UAE.

beauty must-haves in dubai

Pure Gold Collagen
At almost 40 (OMG), I’ve realised that some of my beauty woes are nothing to do with lifestyle, but that I’m also genetically doomed. With naturally ‘thin’ skin and being prone to dryness, every single wrinkle and line shows immediately – plus daily exposure to the Dubai sunshine isn’t helping anything other than my tan. Well they say that beauty comes from within so, in addition to being a really nice person (most of the time), I’m drinking a bit of Pure Gold Collagen to nourish my skin from the inside. This magic little bottle of collagen blended with vitamins, oils and other natural ingredients plumps out those lines and promotes better elasticity. Collagen is one of the most important elements for making your skin look youthful while protecting against scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles – AMEN to that. So far I’m only half way through a 4 week course and I definitely feel good. The afternoon slump seems to have disappeared and my skin is looking much more radiant; I’ll keep you posted on the final results mamas!

Approximately AED 200 for a 10 day supply. Available at Boots and other select pharmacies across the UAE.

beauty must-haves in dubai

Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Liner
Picture this: you face the mirror in the morning after no/broken sleep and your eyes have been replaced by two dark holes held in place by puffy skin and dark circles. It’s really not a good look. Say hello to my latest makeup must-have – the Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara (available in blue, brown and black) reveals lashes you never knew you had with a specially designed brush and non-smudge formula. Give the brush a wiggle wiggle from side to side and base to tip to achieve maximum volume mamas. Double up with the ‘they’re real’ gel liner and your peepers will be looking perfect in no time! I love this makeup duo, if you have time for nothing else in the morning then a quick eye fix will do the trick.

Mascara approximately AED 200, Liner approximately AED 100. Available at Sephora stores across the Middle East.

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