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Beauty ‘Tweakments’… Shhh, Nobody Will Ever Know

Quick non-invasive beauty treatments you can fit into your day
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Quick, Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments You Can Fit In-Between The School Run

With 6 children (and more years than we care to admit) between us, Sassy Mama editor, Kaya, and I jumped at the chance to try out some beauty tweakments. Tweakments are quick, non invasive treatments with little or no down time which ‘freshen’ you up without anyone knowing you’ve had anything done.

Rebecca Treston is an aesthetic practitioner based at Euromed clinic in Umm Suqeim, and no-one knows skin like she does. She offers an incredible range of treatments to deal with every issue from fine lines to dark circles. Quite aside from my duty to undertake thorough investigative journalism on behalf of you Mamas, I was always going to want everything!

revital face treatment

Kaya opted for a Revital full face radio frequency treatment. This pain free procedure has a lifting and tightening effect on the skin while leaving no redness. The immediate results makes it the perfect treat before a special occasion although best effects are achieved with repeated sessions every few months. Kaya described it as ‘so relaxing I fell asleep – but that could be because I’m short of a few zzz’s!’. Her skin glowed immediately after and then after a couple of days with dry patches, looked ‘better than ever!’.

eye treatment

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but anyone looking at mine these days might think that this soul is considerably older than it is. If sleepless nights have taken their toll, Ulthera lifts the eye lids while also reducing crepey skin and puffy eye bags. For really dramatic results, combine with Smoothliftin which works on fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

The 4D lip plump increases definition, reduces fine lines and has a natural lip plumping effect. To really achieve a movie star pout and smile so that you’re red carpet (or just school run!) ready, then you could also have a Glam Express tooth whitening treatment which involves ….

glam express

The desert sun ages skin like nothing else. Spectra is a gentle laser which evens out hyper pigmention in fair skin and brightens darker skin tones while reducing fine lines and open pores. Unlike many harsher lasers Spectra doesn’t leave the skin looking red and sore. Ideally several sessions are required and your skin will be more sensitive to the sun for a while afterwards so a high SPF is needed.

Many Mamas will testify to the fact that, sadly, spots are not an issue we left behind in our teens along with dubious taste in boys, music and clothes. Twin Light is a laser treatment that combats acne and blackheads by reducing bacteria and inflammation. It is best combined with a light peel to reduce the appearance of scars.

I wouldn’t change it for the world but having had 3 babies in 4 years, and despite a healthy(ish) diet and plenty of exercise, my stomach is not what it was. At 5’2″ versus Mr Y’s 6’2″ my considerable baby bumps were always going to extend a long way out. There was none of this neat vertical carrying for me! The result is that I have been left with loose, wrinkly skin around my belly button which isn’t the end of the world but which I definitely wouldn’t miss if it was gone.

Fotona is a laser treatment which can be used on any part of the body but is particularly effective for post pregnancy skin tightening and stretch mark reduction. The skin gets heated to 42 degrees to stimulate collagen production so it is a bit uncomfortable. However, there is an immediate improvement as well as an additional result over time so I will definitely be back for more!

You Mamas are beautiful as you are but most of us know what it’s like to look in the mirror and wish something was a little different. If you do chose to have a tweakment with Rebecca then you’ll be in safe hands and no-one will know unless you tell them!

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