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A Birthday Bash At Bounce

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Got a birthday party to plan? Here’s why you should do it at Bounce, mamas!

The annual kiddie birthday parties (two in my case) always stress me out. Invitations, games, the trips to Carrefour, kid-proofing my home, getting the cake and ultimately hoping it will be everything my little one wished for.

Well, I think I found the perfect solution to my “problem”. When I told my youngest that he was going to celebrate his 6th birthday at Bounce, he literally jumped for joy (no pun intended).


Here is how it works; all little bouncers need to show up 15 min prior to the start, to get a little briefing re the dos and don’ts to keep them extra safe. Everyone gets grip socks, to prevent them from slipping, and then the instructor get them colored vests, to keep track of them, and off they go!

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The music is pumping, the aircon is on (thank God) and the kids get to try all sorts of cool stunts like dodge ball, slam dunk and ‘the big bang’ together with highly competent, super nice and safety aware instructors. I’d like to give a very special shout out to the lovely Shakur who was our instructor on the day. He seemed to have endless energy and had so much patience with the kids, I almost thought he was considering adopting them all.

The parents? Well most of them headed out for some errands and the remaining ones went upstairs to the café for a coffee and a chat or to bring out their laptops.


When the crazy bouncing was over and the sweaty kids were assembled, they were all marched into the decorated party room where pizza and chicken tenders from Freedom was served along with organic juice and water. No crazy shouting in microphones, just music playing and lots of food. Perfect. When it was time for cake the staff took care of it all in the kitchen, added candles  (this mama had forgot….) and then did the cutting, serving and made sure everyone got their piece.

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Hands down, one of the very best parties I have ever thrown in this town and remember, I’ve thrown eight so far.


Psst… Mamas, try bouncing around a bit yourself.  It’s real good fun and a good way to know if you practiced your Kegels enough 😉

Cost: For the Freedom food package it is AED 150 per child.

Vegetarian packages available. There is an AED 30 extra for cake cutting unless you bring cupcakes. They can also arrange party bags if you’re really pressed for time.

Ok it’s not super cheap but I promise, it’s worth it!
Tel: 04 3211 400

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