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Botanical Delight: A Detox With A Difference

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Detox delight dcg 3We are just leaving the month of Ramadan behind us with all the physical and emotional challenges it poses for all. Whether you have been fasting or not, I always like to think that now is the ultimate time to reset, recharge and perhaps kick a bad habit in time for the start of the new school year and the return of bikini weather!

But doing so is hard (did I hear impossible?) and most of us ordinary mamas can do with a little help. There are quite a few juice detoxes available in Dubai for mamas looking to give their system a bit of a rest (we’ve listed some of them in our healthy living round up here). I’ve tried a couple in my life, both here and abroad, and have to say, as good as it is to drink (and nothing but…) healthy juices; once the program is over you easily slip back into your old dietary habits. Not necessarily because you want to, but because preparing healthy, wholesome food requires a bit of training and inspiration. So when I heard of Detox Delight’s “Botanical Delight” program, which is a set of detox meals (that actually involve chewing!) I was intrigued. Mama needed to put it to a taste -test!

The Botanical Delight is an entirely vegan menu that consists of 3 dishes and 2 juices each day. There is no dairy, no eggs, meat or fish and only very little carbohydrates. Needless to say the dishes are gluten-free and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or other icky nasties. And here is how it all went down:

detox 18am on Day 1 of my “detox”, a cheerful deliveryman arrived with food for my first 2 days. He dropped off an icebox with a selection of glass jars, boxes, bags and bottles, clearly labeled and ready to be conquered by a curious and hungry mama…

detox 2So what was inside the box? Was it good and how did I do? Well, all the lunches were salads of some sorts with creamy dressings to help bring the flavours up a notch. My favourite breakfast was definitely the Green Smoothie with pineapple, spinach and avocado but the homemade granola with soy yoghurt and mango mousse I had on day 2 wasn’t too shabby either. All of the dishes were fairly filling, really flavourful and seriously yum! And honestly mamas, the Dhal with coconut milk, ginger and garam masala that I chowed down on day 2 for dinner was heavenly and most definitely not a hardship to eat! Between the three meals you eat per day, you drink a selection of green, fruit juices and rehydrating coconut water to help keep you going.

detox 3The only thing I personally struggled with a bit was the portion size, although for mamas looking to lose a bit of weight it makes sense to keep it controlled. Should you find yourself getting the munchies between or after meals (you know who you are), there is a list of suggested foods you can snack on without breaking the diet.

Verdict: I give the Botanical Delight a big thumbs up! Not as a drastic weight loss program, which we all know doesn’t work anyways, but as a tasty, easy introduction to a healthier lifestyle leaving mama with some great ideas for healthier cooking!
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