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Christmas Come Early, Baby Box Swop!

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New to Dubai, Baby Box Swop, a monthly delivery of age specific activities for the littles, allows mamas to promote milestone development through daily activities with their little ones. Each activity is tailored to focus on a specific focus area, including core sensory skills, motor skills and confidence.

The boxes are delivered monthly to your door and collected/replaced with a new batch of goodies once you’re finished. This means that toys no longer favourited or outgrown and aren’t cluttering up your living room or gathering dust in a cupboard, always a good thing!

With my son almost 5 months old, we sampled the ‘Splashy Dash’ box suitable from birth- 6 months. A friendly driver delivered the box to our house free-of-charge.

baby box swap

We excitedly took the box indoors and unpacked its contents. Inside were a range of activities, and a helpful folder detailing the programme which consisted of 20 days worth of daily activities (designed in 5 day blocks with weekends off – even babies need a rest from working play!

Each activity is clearly marked out with what toys you’ll need to pull out from the box, instructions and details of what new skills your baby will be learning. Having such a handy guide means that even working mamas can enlist the help of a nanny/ helper, as it is really easy to follow. We found it also meant Daddy could participate in activities too!


The programme focuses on seven steps to encourage learning through play, including repetition, questioning, praise and nurturing. The activities in our box included water play, paint play, nursery rhymes, baby massage and puppets. They also include disinfectant spray and a wiping cloth to give the toys a clean before using with your child, which eased my hygiene concerns!

As a new mum, you might be wondering what to do with your baby apart from watch them in awe and cuddle them! Having a tailored programme with the fool proof step-by-step guide can mean you feel confident you are doing all you can to help your baby grow. You can also be assured that the activities are specific to their age and corresponding milestone development.

baby box swop

We have been following the programme for a couple of weeks now, and have worked our way through the first 10 days. The second 10 days then build upon the previous activities, and encourage baby to use their new skills. I found that the activities captured my son’s attention – he even seemed to recognise them when we revisited the box contents!


The activities aren’t new, and most were things I tried to incorporate into our usual day anyways, however they are tried and tested methods to encourage your little one to grow. And having them all conveniently packaged in one box meant I wasn’t searching around the house for pompoms, or trying to locate where Daddy had last been playing with the bubble wand!

Having a new box delivered each month to your door means you don’t need to constantly be purchasing new equipment to keep up with your child, which is ideal for us busy mamas. We are already looking forward to seeing what is inside our next installment!

Pssssst… Baby Box Swap also organise a number of workshops and social sessions, designed to work alongside the daily activities and provide further stimulation for you and your baby. More information can be found on their website.,

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