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A Christmas Letter To My Kids

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Dear Kids…Here’s To A Great Year Gone And Another Ahead

To my kids,

Well, another year’s gone by. And we are all still alive (I think). So I thought I’d write you a little letter on what I think we’ve learned this year and what I wish for you in the year ahead.

Now, you know how I feel about reminiscing and looking ahead. I’m not one to keep my head in the past or wish the days away by hurtling towards the future. And I’m always wary of saying anything wildly optimistic like ‘2017 is going to be the best year yet!’ as so many people seem to like to do. I guess that’s the superstitious side of me not wanting to tempt fate.

2016 has not been the easiest of years. Yet we have so much to be grateful for, even when things have been tough. We’ve lost a very close family member, something that you are still too young to really understand. We, as a little family, have yet again gone through more transitions that have been challenging and uncertain for you, I know. And I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for taking everything in your still-so-little-strides and bolstering me more times than I can even say.

I hope that every day, both the days I parent okayish and the days when I, erm, don’t, that I am somehow teaching you to take your life into your own hands. That I am reminding you that YOU are the only one in charge of your ultimate destiny. I know, big words for little minds, right? But this year has shown me that more than ever and although I think I’ve always known it, I wish I’d put it into practice a bit earlier on in my life. This year has also shown me that there is always a right time to do something and when that time comes, you will just know. I hope that, as you grow, that knowledge, which I will try to share with you as often as I can, will take away a lot of the anxiety and worry from the decisions you will have to make in life. I hope that you will have a deep-seated faith, as I have always had, that everything will be as it should be, in the end.

To my eldest daughter, my first born, the one who challenges me the most and keeps me on my toes, I thank you. For being you. For helping so often with your brother and sister. And for being intelligent and determined enough to make me question myself and constantly evolve as your mother and a person. Sometimes I know I don’t thank you for these qualities (especially at 8.00 AM in the morning, when I’m trying to get you all out of the door) but I know that they are the reason you’re going to rock this world. I’m not sure the world will ever be ready, mind you.

To my middly, my sunshine and my girl that is so quirky I often don’t know where you’ve come from, I thank you for being kind and for making my life easier by understanding what is required of you. Because you do and that is a quality that is never to be underestimated. You have started school without a fuss, you’re so diligent and you make me laugh every single day. I am proud of you sweetest of girls.

To my youngest and only boy, who is drawn to pink, glittery boots like a moth to a flame. Well, I think you know that I’m smitten. I was definitely not ready for how smitten I would become, despite so many mums of boys warning me. Sometimes, I don’t feel worthy of the love you bestow on me. The cuddles. And the compliments that my dress is ‘pretty’ or I ‘look nice,’ even when I look far from it. I watch your self-awareness with your emotions at only aged two, the way you put your shoes away without being asked and I am confident in everything you are going to become. In everything you already are.

Whatever happens in the year ahead, we have each other and that, my three, is everything.

Happy Christmas to each of you.

All my love, Mummy x

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