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How to make getting pregnant easier with Clearblue

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Trying to get pregnant? This might help…

Making babies – it’s not as easy as it seems (really!). With stressful lives and busy schedules, not to mention your kids/job/daily life stuff, planning for a baby can be difficult. Well, mamas (or wannabe mamas), if you want to plan for pregnancy then we know just the way to do it (other than the obvious… ahem).

Here’s the thing. Trying for a baby while ovulating is key – and Clearblue (yes, the pregnancy test people) offer a super easy-to-use home ovulation test that’s over 99% accurate in detecting the correct hormone surge and that’s easier to use and far more reliable than traditional line tests. Hooray!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, in very basic terms, The Clearblue Digital Ovulation kit helps women to pinpoint the 2 most fertile days in their cycle by measuring levels of Luteinising hormone (LH). Which means that you can be sure that you’re trying to conceive at the right time.

Starting – or adding to – a family is one of the most exciting times but it can take longer than expected. You can boost your fertility (and your chances) by working on being the perfect weight, cutting back on caffeine, taking prenatal vitamins, quitting smoking and reducing stress but even when you’re in fabulous shape things don’t always go to plan. And it’s all about timing.

There are only a few days during each cycle when a woman is able to conceive (the most fertile time is the day before and the day of ovulation) –but trying to hit the target may need a little assistance, which is where Clearblue comes in. By pinpointing your two most fertile days 12 to 24 hours in advance with a quick and easy at-home test, you can plan as best you can – and book that perfect date night! 😉

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The Clearblue Digital Ovulation test costs AED 295 and is available in leading pharmacies across the UAE and at

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