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Natural Cold-Busting Remedies For Kids

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Beat the sniffles naturally mamas!

With the cooler weather right around the corner, it’s always a good idea to have some really fast and effective natural remedies up your sleeve. After consulting with renowned doctors, naturopaths, holistic consultants and… my grandmothers (they are the best at natural potions in my opinion!), here are a few recipes that are easy to prepare and work like a charm every time:


Immunity Super Powers

Give your child one teaspoon of raw honey with a pinch of cinnamon and turmeric powder every morning after his/her breakfast. This combination has incredible immunity building properties and you will find that they will be less susceptible to catching every cough and sniffles going around school and nursery.


Fever Relief

Mix a high quality Peppermint essential oil with Coconut Oil (1-2 drops peppermint oil to teaspoon coconut oil–any other oil work as well). Place on bottom of feet or spine every few hours as it helps to cool the body and induce sweating to bring the fever down.


Congestion and Stuffy Nose

Soak cotton socks in cold water, wring out slightly then place on the feet just before bedtime. Add 2-3 pairs of wool socks on top, leave on over night to help pull the congestion out of the chest and nose. There will be a noticeable improvement the next morning! Repeat for a few nights as necessary.


Unhappy Tummy

Sometimes a cold can come with an unhappy tummy. Chamomile tea’s mild flavor, anti-inflammatory, and even sedative properties are a great combination for your little one’s upset stomach. Brew some fresh chamomile flowers (or one tea bag per cup), add in some raw honey and they will gladly drink this down with happy tummies again in no time.

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