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Cool Contemporary Art with Peas in a Pod

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Here’s a confession. I’m one of these people who gets easily bored with my home interior.  You could walk in my home one day to the next and something will have changed (it drives the hubby mad). My recent restyling adventure was to move the play room out of our living room and into what used to be our spare room (sorry visitors!). With the help of the kids, we converted the room into a kiddos haven and had lots of fun decorating and designing – but even after a coat of paint, installation of white wooden blinds, Ikea shelves and a few pictures of the brood on the wall, there was one wall that just screamed out for a statement piece of art.

Peas in a Pod 1 - Camels

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but then I came across a fabulous brand called Peas in a Pod. They specialise in contemporary montage art, which is basically all about taking photographs and representing them in a different way. They have so many beautiful designs that are colourful and fun, my favourite was the 104 x 104 large camel print, which features no less than 168 of the beautiful creatures.

I arranged to see the full collection and by doing so met the talented duo behind the brand – Ness Ashford and Rachael Sinclair, whose combined backgrounds in art and design led them to set up the company in 2011. These talented British mamas with 4 kids between them juggle a successful business with school runs and home work duties.

Peas in a Pod 2 - Mosque

Peas in a Pod is creative 3D montage artwork with a Middle Eastern Influence and a bespoke range that can be customised to suit. Over the last few years the brand has grown to produce bespoke art, a UK and UAE collection, stunning gift cards and they are just about to launch a children’s artwork collection and the most beautiful gold leaf Islamic art which is slightly different to their multi coloured pieces but unbelievably elegant and the perfect gift.

Peas in a Pod 3 - Lizard

What you don’t know about these stunning handmade montages is that no two art works are the same. Each image be it a camel, surf board, car, tea pot, hand of Fatima, are all cut differently from a photograph and placed in its own unique order – very cool!

Peas in a Pod 4 - Kids Artwork

Mamas, if you are gathering all your kids’ drawings/artwork from school but not sure what to do with them then Peas in a Pod have come up with a genius idea that will collate all your little darling’s masterpieces and create one gorgeous piece that can be enjoyed and treasured for years to come. All you have to do is present them with all your paper treasures and let the team work their magic – working to your specification be it colour or size, they’ll carefully create a very special work of art – and return all the originals to you intact (we wouldn’t want to upset our little Van Goghs now would we?).

So next time you find yourself in a decorating dilemma, wanting to spruce up a space or looking for the perfect gift – Peas in a Pod are the perfect choice. On that note…I’m off to re-do the bedroom…

Peas in a Pod, +971 4 420 2467, 

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