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Want a Tree but Don’t Have The Space Or Time? Here Are Some Fab Alternatives

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Here are Some Decorating Alternatives You Might Want to Try This Christmas

A lot of us live in apartments and just don’t have the space for a Christmas tree and with small kids sometimes it’s just not practical either!  Or maybe you’re heading away mid-December and the idea of decorating a tree for only a couple of weeks just doesn’t appeal. Well we hear you and we aren’t putting our Dubai Christmas tree up this year either so we went in search of some creative ways to be a little festive.


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Lights, Garlands, Branches and Tinsel

This is a simple “no need to be crafty” project, all you need is some removable stick-on wall hooks fixed to the wall (or door) in the shape of a Christmas tree and then string whatever you like between them – tinsel in either metallic or traditional green with twinkly lights might be a traditional take, if you are looking for a minimalist look just keep it simple with strings of lights or if you want a Nordic feel choose more organic garlands or branches and fix in horizontal lines.  You can either leave it like this or carry on and decorate it with a few of your favourite ornaments or the ones that come home from school or nursery this year.


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Twigs or Dowels

Create a frame using twigs (or dowels for a more modern look) of various lengths tied together with a heavy twine to create the silhouette of a tree that you can then decorate to suit your taste.

Top tip: if you decide to use dowels – most hardware stores in Dubai offer a free cutting service so take a list of the lengths you need with you for each dowel and they will cut them all for you.


Washi Wonderland

One of the simplest options is to select a few different washi tape rolls in a colour scheme that is festive and/or suits your home and go crazy with any festive decorations that you might want – a tree, stars, snowflakes and ornaments. You could even do this with the kids and see what they come up with.


A walk down memory lane

Whether it is due to lack of space or just for a change of style the idea of making a Christmas tree out of photos of our loved ones just really appeals. You can pick a very regular layout to keep it simple or layer them to make it look a bit more haphazard. Just use removable double-sided tape to fix them to your walls. This is a great way to talk to the kids about people who you aren’t seeing this year and a fun way to show them pics of themselves in previous holidays that they may have been too young to remember. If you are wanting a slightly more classic look think about just using black and whites, and if you wanst a bit of twinkle string some warm white lights across them as well.

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Image credits:  Hero tree – One KIndesign, Lights tree – behind the green door, Twig tree –, Washi tree –, photo tree –

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