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Date Night: Hanging Out At Hakkasan

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You know the old saying; New Year, New Nibbles? You don’t? Ok then, but let’s just agree that cheese platters and cold cuts are so 2015. When planning your next mama mingle or chilled out couples’ get- together, we’re saying dumplings. Yeah, you heard us! Piping hot, steamed or fried little bundles of goodness perfect for sharing.

We’ve been big fans of Hakkasan ever since our London days and when told that their Dubai restaurant had a special menu of small eats for sharing we were booked. Served up outside on their terrace, it sounded like the perfect after work dinner, without the formalities of three-course menus and endless wine lists. And that’s what this Mama plus Mr decided on together with some good friends of ours. LR

On this particular night we were all feeling adventurous (plus licensed) and decided to start off with some cocktails. Old-time favourites with an Asian twist such as Lychee Martinis, Plum Sour and Smoky Negroni went down a little too easily and by the time the second round was ordered our first plate of dumplings arrived. Very timely I’d say…


For those of you who have been lost in a nappy for the past decade, a dumpling is kind of like a Chinese Ravioli or Gnocchi. If you don’t know what either of those are; you need to get out more. Dumplings come in all shapes and sizes with endless variations of fillings and can be either steamed or fried. I’m proud to say I think we managed to sample more or less the entire Hakkasan variety and they were all equally delicious. But there were a couple of super stars such as the steamed Scallop Shumai, smoked Wagyu beef dumpling and the fried roasted duck pumpkin puff. And personally I’m a sucker for Har Gau (steamed shrimp dumplings). They are super simple but delicious and bring back fond memories from my years in Hong Kong. Dunk them in a mix of soy and chili sauce and enjoy; the ultimate comfort food! And have no fear vegetarians, there are several options without meat and they are yum too!


Dumplings without pork, can it be done? Can, can! (As they would say in Asia) You won’t miss a thing when tucking in. Drinks and Dumplings at Hakkasan, it’s our new thing.

The terrace is open daily for drinks from 5pm and dinner from 7pm.

Hakkasan Dubai
Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Tel: +971 4 384 8484 



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