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Safety on Tap: Making Bath Time Safer & Easier

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Kiddo bath time – it’s part of the daily routine and we love it (the littles are contained for a few splashy minutes, come out smelling divine and it means bedtime is close). But for a soak in the tub to be safe and successful, us mamas need to get one key thing right. The temperature of the water. Too cold and they’ll complain, too hot and it’s dangerous – we have to monitor, mix and manage all while getting the kids undressed and prepped – and you all know how crazy that can get.

Well mamas, how about if we told you that there’s a brilliant device that tells us that the water is always exactly the right temperature? Yup, the bath time gods have heard (one of) our prayers and given us the very sassy Delta Faucet hand showers, showerheads and tub showers that not only monitor the water temperature in your shower or bath but also show it with a digital display and LED color indicator. Basically – if it’s below 26.7 degrees Celsius it will show blue, between 26.7 – 43.3 in magenta and greater than 43.3 in red, meaning that you AND the kids can instantly see if the water is unsafe to jump into.

Using Temp2O™ technology (that’s the scientific term for checking that your bathroom water is at a perfectly safe temperature), this nifty gadget is hydro or battery powered (depending on which type you need), comes in a variety of finishes (so you can keep your bathroom looking beautiful) and is WaterSense® labeled so even gives you 20% water savings – we say hooray to that! Oh and Touch-Clean® soft, rubber spray holes on the handshower and showerhead allows any calcium and lime build-up to be wiped away easily so it won’t get clogged and yukky.

We give a big thumbs up to any product that maximises on safety and saves us time and the temperature technology solutions from Delta are definitely worth adding to the list of mama-must-haves to help keep our precious mini people protected while keeping bathroom dramas away.

Currently available to order from Delta Faucet retail stores, please click here for more details. 

For prices please call:  

Mac Al Gurg
Dubai: (+971) (0)4 266 1291
Abu Dhabi: (+971) (0)2 674 1171

Sanitary Materials
Abu Dhabi: (+971) (0)2 677 1363 

For more information on the product and the Temp2O technology, check out their page here.

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