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Designing A Dreamy Nursery With Children’s Lane

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The next most important thing after deciding on which hospital to deliver in? Having a little fun and kitting out a Pinterest worthy nursery in all that cute stuff you secretly had your eye on pre-pregnancy.

But with all that choice, where do you start? We’ll tell you where – Children’s Lane – an amazing department store and online boutique dedicated purely to gorgeous kids furniture, clothes, accessories and more. The lovely team at Children’s Lane know just how hard making decisions on nurseries can be (especially with all those preggers hormones raging), so they’ve put together a few handy tips to get you started on creating a beautiful and safe little sanctuary that’s not just about pink and blue…

Select a key colour/theme: Create a mood board with images that inspire you and – better still – enlist the help of the Children’s Lane design team who can make any dream a reality. Honestly.

Decide on basics: We’re talking cot, changing table and comfortable nursing chair. Baby will be doing not much more than sleeping, needing A LOT of diaper changes and feeding for a while.

Consider versatility: Invest in pieces that can adapt as baby grows. Their changing tables for example convert into beautiful dressers – super clever!

Safety: Position furniture sensibly – create a safe zone around your little one’s cot and place it away from potential hazards.

Lighting: Make sure you have a nightlight (essential for all those late-night feeds) and blackout curtains to promote lots (and lots) of restful sleep for bubs.

Storage: MEGA important – teeny babies come with a lot of kit (and you need space for all the cute gifts you’ll be getting). Children’s Lane can sort you out with toy boxes that double up as storage chests, gorgeous side tables and shelves or funky fabric toy bags and diaper stackers.

Accessorise: Your chance to get really creative with the most adorable accessories, from beautiful linen to wall art, personalised rocking chairs to wallpaper, fabric, giraffes, bears – seriously the possibilities are endless (uh-oh here comes that difficult choosing part again…)

So there you have it mamas (to be). Now onto the next thing…choosing baby names…we’re pretty sure Children’s Lane can help with that too.

Open daily.

Childrens Lane, Level One,Futouh Al Khair Mall, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed, Al Maktoum street, Abu Dhabi,

Brought to you in partnership with Children’s Lane

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