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Diary Of A Mad Mom Of 3 Part II

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The trendsetter chronicles

Being a mom of twins girls meant that when they were born I could dress them the same and it would be cute and everyone would fuss over their outfits, and their little bows and it would be one big cooing extravaganza. However being a mom of twins plus one more girl, is quite a different experience. With such a small age gap between them (think triplets) sigh, the need to dress them all alike didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

I would show up to events or to lunches with three in tow all dressed the same and often would first hear “oh wow you have triplets”, followed by “oh no wait that one looks a bit smaller” to “why are they all dressed the same” Then I would go through a half smile half cry kind of face as I begin to explain which I am sure no one wanted to hear, how difficult it was to buy all these different outfits and that its so much easier to have them all in the same clothes and then I wouldn’t have to worry about what each of them would wear. The fact that the twins were dressed the same, I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t dress the third one in exactly the same outfit. Show me the rule book!

A few years passed and I still do the same thing, I buy each of them the same outfit, however not only do the kids not think its cute anymore, neither does anyone, I’m constantly hearing “No way mom, I’m not wearing the same dress” to “you do realise I’m younger doesn’t mean I have to look like them” and to strangers telling me “well aren’t they a little too old for this” Good lord! When did dressing kids come with all these rules and regulations and my god cant my three monsters just be happy that they have nice new clothes to wear and indulge in their mom’s sad little dream of having 3 cute same dressed little angels who just don’t argue with her. No, of course not.

Today I’m left with usually standing by the entrance of the gate as they all fight over who gets the shoes or the hand bag or the accessories. I thought it was difficult when they were 4 or 5, but 8 going on 18 is something I’m completely not equipped for. I used to be happy that I had small feet, find me anyone that needs 35.5 or 36 size shoe and you’ll be able to count on your fingers, however what life didn’t tell you, is that god bless your children, if they are of the taller body type, they are going to have bigger feet and by gosh they are almost at my shoe size!!!! Not only do I no longer have peace of mind (that’s a given with having kids), nor do I have a stress free life, I have to battle for my shoes!!

Sadly manolos don’t come with a buy one get one free tag, and as I kiss away my gorgeous alice for French sole shoes, I’m left with wearing the cheap slippers that just quite don’t have the same luxury feeling as the others do.

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