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How to Style Your Table For a Gorgeous Lunch or Dinner Party

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Style Your Table For A WOW Lunch Or Dinner Party At Home

With it being a million degrees outside and many people feeling the pinch after the looong, expensive summer holiday it’s the perfect time to entertain at home. I’m a style over substance kind of girl so I thought I’d share some table styling tips because if your dining area looks fabulous and your guests are so awed by your beautiful tablescape, it won’t actually matter what you serve them! And because, frankly, I’m in no position to give out cooking advice. Sadly my own plain white tableware is deeply uninspiring (must up my game in that department) so huge thanks to the lovely people at Villeroy & Boch and SIA flowers at IDdesign for the loan of All The Beautiful Things which I was lucky enough to style in my home, and to photographer extraordinaire Michael Kruger for the stunning images.


So, the first rule of styling is the relationship. One of the easiest ways to establish a relationship is through a restrained palette with the same colours appearing across space. While the scheme above is fairly neutral, the subtle gold accents are repeated on the ends of the cutlery and rim of the glass tumblers. Similarly, the charcoal grey of the napkins in mirrored in the dark berries of the floral center pieces. The tableware co-ordinates with the rest of the room giving a cohesive overall look.


A general styling tip for any area is to include the elements of life, light and sculpture. Life includes botanicals of any kind and is essential in all spaces as far as I’m concerned. Real flowers can help fragrance your home while faux florals are great value in the long run. If space is limited then try tucking a sprig of greenery into your napkin rings, or using a piece of fruit with your guest’s names attached as place settings. Light on a table usually means candles which both cast a flattering glow, and if scented, help make your home smell delicious (even if the cooking does not)! The sculpture is a catch all word for decorative accessories. Here the napkin rings, vases and candle sticks help soften the straight lines and hard edges of the table with their organic curves.

Layering is key to creating an interesting, dynamic look. You can add physical layers by stacking plates and bowls and can also layer texture by using runners, chargers, placemats, crockery and accessories in contrasting materials. Metallics and glassware are the jewels of a table. They catch the eye and bounce light around while adding glamour and sophistication. Mix your metals for a cool, modern look. More is more on the shiny things!


Yes, I know it’s hotter than the sun at the moment but we’ll all be back outside in another few weeks so I couldn’t resist styling my garden table too. Isn’t it divine?! Brightly coloured tableware is perfect for the holiday vibe that you automatically get from outdoor entertaining. A restrained colour palette doesn’t have to mean a neutral one, it just means limiting the number of colours used in a scheme so it doesn’t feel too busy.


A pattern can make a real statement but, for me, is best combined with plainer pieces to avoid overwhelming the space. This Amazonia plate is the prettiest thing I have ever seen and its exotic feel is super on trend. So next time you entertain don’t forget to style your table (and if anyone has cooking tips for me they would be gratefully received)!

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