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DinnerTime, Delicious Home Cooked Food Every Night (Yay!)

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As mamas we spend a big chunk of our day sorting other people’s lives out; organizing the kids’ daily activities, planning our next family holiday, desperately trying to fit in a bit of me- time (yeah, right…) And then there is the eternal question- “What’s for dinner”? Drives you nuts, doesn’t it? Can’t people (both male and small…) understand that we find it just as hard as they do to come up with a dinner plan at the end of an exhausting day?

Oh, hang on… somebody actually does seem to understand and have devised a very clever way to take the stress out of supper. Yes mamas, DinnerTime make sure that you don’t have to worry about the meal planning or do the groceries- yippee! We wanted to be sure that this wasn’t too good to be true so took the service for a test drive to make sure that it got the 100% Sassy Mama seal of approval (check out what our contributor Lou had to say here!)

Mamas can think of DinnerTime as a nifty mealtime superhero who comes in and saves the day by delivering fresh and healthy produce right to your home along with super simple, yummy recipe cards. They deliver all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we’re absolutely loving what’s on next week’s menu: a scrumptious Beef Milanesa with panko breadcrumbs, Mediterranean Roasted Chicken with buttered couscous and a crowd-pleasing White Fish Tacos and Broccoli Soup with a Middle Eastern kick. With options for either two or four people, DinnerTime also offers thoughtful gluten-free packages for families with special dietary requirements. Serious superhero powers going on here!

Sounds good? All the goodies we just told you about are in next week’s delivery for this coming Sunday February 22nd and there’s still time to get your order in by emailing Get your requests in no later than Thursday afternoon (that’s tomorrow!) to make sure you’ve got dinner time sorted for next week (or any week in fact – we won’t judge).

Dinner is served mamas!

A standard DinnerTime pack for four persons (16 servings) is priced at AED 420 for a single pack or AED 380 for subscribers, whereas a standard pack for two persons (8 servings) is priced at AED 300 or AED 280 respectively. For a gluten free pack for four persons, it’s AED 520 for a single pack versus AED 480 whereas for two persons it’s AED 400 or AED 380 respectively.

DinnerTime, (+971) (0) 055 790 8733,

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