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Camel Racing

Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack, Al Ain Road, Dubai
04 8326526

The local and traditional sport of camel racing is fascinating and a really fun excursion for the entire family. Located 30 minutes from Dubai, off the Al Ain Road at the Al Lisali turning just beyond The Sevens stadium. The country’s largest camel racecourse is relatively unknown but the track is used most days, with races usually taking place between 7am and 9am on Fridays and Saturdays during racing season in the winter months.   Expect an element of chaos, a lot of noise and even more camels – the children will be in their element!  Although the Dubai Camel Racing Club (DCRC) officially sanctions each race, the schedule for the events can be difficult to find – and it is best to call ahead to confirm.


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