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Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban – myPediaclinic

Phone number: 04-4305926 and 0508985198
Address: Dubai Health Care City, Razi Building 64, Bloc B, apartment 1011

Meet Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban, the leading pediatrician behind myPediaclinic. With 32 years experience in pediatrics, combined with the latest technology at his clinic – from video otoscope, tympanometry, 2 second vision screener, and minor skin surgeries (such as tongue tie releases and removal of molluscums using radiofrequency) which leaves no marks, he is all about methods that result in the minimal amount of pain – hooray! His clinic is loved by parents and children alike with amazing staff and rooms designed to suit every child’s age and temperament. Sounds ideal to us, mamas.

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