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The Healthy Home Cleaning

Office 302 Lama Building Al Barsha 1, Dubai UAE
Tel: +971 4 422 5616

We know cleaning chores can get tricky sometimes, mamas. Home is the safest place but a dust on the table can create big problems – and this is when The Healthy Home Cleaning comes into picture.

The Healthy Home® concept was born following a personal family history with asthma and allergies. Since then, they’ve been working on creating awareness about Indoor Environmental Control and how it can largely improve our health and well-being wherever we are.

What makes them the cleaning company we can trust? Their dry and chemical free treatments rely on the use of specialised equipment specifically designed to remove all pathogens and impurities from your living space and providing a 100% sanitation, using medical grade UVc treatment.

From surface sanitation, clean AC ducts, to treatments of mattress, upholstery, curtain and carpets, The Healthy Home Cleaning will turn your home into a healthy, bacteria-free environment for you and the kiddies.

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