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Dubai’s New Art Village Nursery

art village nursery
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Nursery isn’t always the easiest: goodbyes are often followed by tears and tantrums (and the little ones can get a tad upset, too). Education sometimes seems like one confusing string of choices – but the core aim is always the same: happy little people.

Helping them grow into the brightest, strongest, happiest version of themselves is no easy job, so a bit of help can go a long way! Looking for a nursery that (you and…) the kiddo can feel supported in? The brand new Art Village Nursery in Jumeirah is Dubai’s very own branch of the award-winning Amadeus Preschool in Sweden, following the Swedish curriculum in tandem with the Reggio Emilia method and offering Arabic AND Swedish (optional) as second languages – while believing that a nursery should be fun and forward-thinking for ALL children.

Want to encourage growth in a well-rounded way? So do they, mama – that’s why they work with four parallel profiles: ‘Song and Music’, ‘Dance and Movement’, ‘Theatre and Drama’, and ‘Art and Design’ (sounds pretty perfect to us!). Their programs are targeted to give the kiddos the tools to develop their educational, emotional, social and creative capabilities – leaving no box un-ticked!

From encouraging a balanced diet, to teaching the curriculum in a unique and inclusive way, The Art Village Nursery definitely knows how to inspire the kiddos and foster a love of learning, taking extra steps to make sure that each petite pupil (and parent) feels supported and special. From the two week settle-in time (less tears and tantrums) to healthy home-cooked and completely delicious meals (even non-broccoli eaters will soon be scoffing their greens), the emphasis is on encouraging happy, healthy, responsible little people and on preparing them for life in the modern world. They say it takes a village mamas – well, we can believe it when you’ve got Art Village Nursery on your side.

Brought to you in partnership with Art Village Nursery

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