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Organic and Delicious: Here’s Why We (and the kids) Love Koita Milk

koita milk
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Milk delivered straight to your door!

If your mini is making the leap to cow’s milk, you’ve got to get a stock of organic milk from Koita at home. Life’s about eating good, feeling good and doing good, mama, and that’s exactly what this beautiful brand is all about! The milk is packed full of nutrients to supplement your brood’s growth and well-being, (and we’re mighty impressed with the company’s eco-friendly manufacturing process too).

Koita milk comes from happy grass fed cows in Italy, that munch on fertile farmland and yield a healthy product full of Halal Certified vitamins A and D3. Say goodbye to the nasties, as it’s got no growth hormones, no antibiotics, no toxic pesticides and no artificial preservatives – it’s 100% natural milk! You and your fam will truly taste the difference… it’s absolutely legen-dairy.

Make your weekly shopping easy and have the handy tetrapaks delivered straight to your door by Koita’s Milkman when you order online. Choose from regular milk, low fat milk or even chocolate milk designed by Italian chocolate connoisseurs (yumm), perfect for your minis who love sugar and spice and all things nice. They even have lactose free milk, skim milk and non-GMO soy milk coming out in February- great news for mamas, too! Available in one litre cartons and in smaller 200ml tetrapaks perfect for little hands and little tummies, Koita milk is super convenient thanks to its six-month shelf life.

And that’s not all: the paper packaging means you can recycle, recycle, recycle! Their cartons get shipped by sea instead of air — how’s that for reducing your carbon footprint? And finally, we’ve saved the best best bit ‘til last: A chunk of the profits are donated to charity.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of the Sassy kiddos had to say about their Koita experience:

What more could you want from this kitchen staple?! Buy online at and get free Koita Milkman Delivery within the UAE. , ,

Brought to you in partnership with KOITA

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