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Get that summer glow with Essentially!

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Cheers to making this summer raw-some with some of Essentially’s fantastic juices, mamas! Their amazing cold-pressed organic drinks are designed to cleanse, revitalise and reboot and are​ the perfect way to get summer and Ramadan- ready!

Think you know all there is to know about juicing already? Well think again as Essentially is​ out to redefine the whole process. With different programmes ranging from the beginner-friendly Revitalization cleanse to the green machine Transformation, you can pick up 1-10 day packages depending on what your goals are​. And oh, their Summer Special deal means you get 15% off all cleanses until June 2nd, making now the best time to start!


Our very own Sassy Mama Sofia gave Essentially’s five day cleanse a whirl earlier this year and she went on (and on…) about her glowy complexion and the weight-loss benefits, which you can read more about in her 5-day cleanse review. Healthy living goes hand in hand with happy living and Essentially’s raw juices are designed to help restore your alkaline balance and support your body’s natural systems purify any harmful toxins.


The raw juices themselves? Well they are organic veggie-packed with a dash of fruit and they’ve all been cold-pressed with a nine-ton hydraulic press to optimise quality. And don’t you worry about a thing mama, as healthy as they are they also taste amazing as​ well! From the rehydrating and zingy Apple Lemonaid, to the super yummy Pistachio Rose designed to bump up your proteins and antioxidants and, of course, their signature Essential Green juice, packed full of veggies to balance your pH levels and get you all juiced up! There’s also the yummy (and seriously satisfying) dessert juices such as the Cacao and Vanilla Cashew juices. And a chilled Pineapple Powwow is definitely one we will be bringing along to the beach. Basta!

As said, it’s all 15% off right now so off you go to Essentially’s website to find out more and to book yourself (and your body) in!

The Summer Special deal runs from 26 May – 2 June and you can make bookings up to 30 June.

Essentially, (+971) (0)4 889 5753,

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