10 - 19 Jul‘16

Angry Birds at DFCM

Angry bird family game
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What makes you angry, mama? Traffic jams? Your (sometimes) naughty littles? Queues at Petrol Stations? Whatever your bugbear is, Splat That! gives you the chance to restore harmony and balance in your life!

Angry Birds has been transformed from the small screen to a larger than life interactive experience that the whole family can enjoy! Simply write what makes you mad on one of our angry balls, drop it in the ‘slingshot chute’, line up your catapult, aim at one of the game’s pesky creatures then and FIRE! – your angry thought will splat against the wall and you’ll instantly feel better! Hang around and meet a real larger-than-life Angry Bird and you can have your photo taken with Red, Chuck or Bomb at selected times during the day.

Don’t miss out on this fun family game to deal with life’s daily niggles!


Event Price

Free for kiddies, parents and Angry Birds alike!

Event Location

Dubai Festival City Mall