03 Jul‘16 - 25 Aug‘16

Summer at Camp FitRepublik

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“At this summer camp, you get more than a T-shirt”

With FitRepublik’s slogan for this year’s Summer Sports Camp, we are so excited to know they have in store! The packed itinerary of this energetic camp (for your restless littles)  involves swimming and and playing one of the largest WIBITs in Dubai. Put the kiddies through their paces with gymnastics, tumbling, breakdancing, martial arts and general sports games!

This summer camp are designed for kids age 5-13 that runs between 3 July and 25 August and there is an option for Playground kids age 1-4 years old.

You can also make use of the discounts for families and don’t forget that you can book the camp for the day or by the week!

Time: 9am-1:30pm

Event Price

Contact Fit Republik for pricing packages and family discounts!

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