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Jackson Litchfield’s Ultimate Guide to Vitamins and Supplements for Mamas

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Pop These Pills Mamas

I’m pumped to be back with a full breakdown of the supplements all of you should take on a daily basis. Getting this right will help further enhance your superpowers as well as your general health. Let’s go!

1. Your Digestive System

There is no use taking vitamins and minerals if they’re not being properly absorbed. Digestive enzymes are highly important to make sure that your gut is on the right track.

What to get: Bio-Enzyme from BioCare
Where: Organic Foods and Cafe

2. Magnesium- Makes You Lean and Happy

Magnesium controls over 300 (!) important body functions such as:

1- Helps you cope with stress and get a better night’s sleep (Hallelujah!)

2- Slows down ageing (Bye botox!) AND helps you burn fat

3- Magnesium also improves detoxification and supports healthy brain function

What to get: Chelated Magnesium from BioCare
Where: Organic Foods and Cafe

vitamins for women

3. A High Quality Multi-Vitamin

Unfortunately, most of us are deficient in a multitude of vitamins and minerals, which is why a high quality, multi-vitamin is essential for your everyday health. Here’s what should be included in that daily pill:

  1. Minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Calcium and Chromium.
  2.  A vitamin K -complex (not K1 without K2)
  3. A ‘Folate (‘l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate’ or ‘5-MTHF’ is what is usually says)
  4. A ‘Curcumin Phytosome’ and ‘Green Tea Phytosome’ (Yes, it sounds like something from ‘Lord of the Rings’.)
  5. If you can, check for ‘Relora’. It’s a new supplement that balances important hormones to reduce late night cravings and decrease stress.
  6. Last but not least (!) the best way to “quality-check” a multivitamin is by looking at the type of B -vitamin included:
Vitamin                                  What to Hit   What to Miss
B6  Pyridoxal 5’-Phosphate  Pyridoxine HCl
B12  Methylcobalamin  Vyanocobalamin
B2  Riboflavin 5’-Phosophate  Riboflavin HCl

Product: Solgar Female Multi Vitamins
Where: Lifestyle Nutrition

fish oil

4. Fish Oil: The Queen of Supplements

Besides improving heart, eye and cellular health, relieving the symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, ADHD as well as lowering your risk for Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart attack (Need I go on?) fish oil is a wonder supplement for weight loss. What’s not to love here?

What: BioCare Mega EPA
Where: Organic Foods and Cafe

There you are mamas. My full list for optimal health. It’s all tried and tested by the Sassy Mamas and me. If you have any questions, please send me an email:

Happy pill popping!

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