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Once Upon A Time, In a Magical Play Area in Dubai…

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Not Your Usual Soft Play

Tired of the same old playspots mamas? Seek refuge from the norm at Fairytales, a magical little play area in Town Centre Jumeirah that’s all about escaping reality. There are no gadgets, flashy lights or hectic sounds here – this is a kiddie fantasy come true where little imaginations can soar and make-believe rules.

Created by two mamas with a yearning to give kids something different, Fairytales is all about nurturing a child’s spirit of adventure and creativity in a safe and healthy environment. The space allows little dreamers up to the age of eight years to use all their senses for good old-fashioned play that’s so important to childhood development – we say a huge hooray to that (and a goodbye to the iPad!).

With a beautifully crafted pirate ship, a ‘tree of knowledge’ and a two-storey castle at the Fairytales centre, kids are encouraged to play at being their fave characters and reconnect with traditional toys, props, puzzles and dress-up kit.

Fairy Tales Dubai

Not able to stay and play mama? A ‘book a fairy’ service allows one-to-one supervised play by qualified caregivers while you take care of errands (or finally get that spa treatment). Need to leave nanny in charge? Not a problem, the staff are trained to instruct helpers on what games help physical and intellectual development. Perfect.

And the best bit? The Fairytales crew are from an education background so they know exactly how to engage those little brain cells and are on hand to make sure that your kids are learning while they play. They’re also fully trained in child care, health & safety, first aid and emergency response so you know that your precious people are in safe hands.

From birthday parties to membership, drop-ins to events and classes – the opportunities at Fairytales are limitless. And they all end happily ever after. 

Fairytales, Town Centre Jumeirah, Dubai, 971 043 445 030,

Brought to you in partnership with Fairytales Dubai

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