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Five Top Accessory Trends For Summer 2017

Fashion accessories for 2017
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Accessories Make An Outfit! Fashion Blogger Irene (Gingham & Sparkle) Tells Us Which 5 Trends To Snap Up For The Perfect Summer Look  


I will be first to put my hand up and say I totally 100% agree with Oscar de la Renta on this.  Not only do accessories make an outfit,  they can also take your look from day to night, from casual to glam and have you looking ‘on-trend’ quicker than you can say ‘Spring/Summer 2017 ready’!

So…..I’ve compiled a list of 5 top accessory trends you will be seeing in the stores from now as well as online and on every fashion blogger worth her weight in #ootd posts.  Be warned though, Spring/Summer’s 2017 accessory trends are not for the faint-hearted – it seems small and dainty is out and big and bold (almost ‘eyesore’) is in – so if you fancy making a statement this season, you’ll be in your element.  In other words…….from the catwalks to the high street, the fashion-elite these days seem to be swaying towards “the more the better”.

Belt Bags

accessories trends 2017 belt bag

Ok before anyone starts to break into cold sweats with the image of their ‘bum-bag’ sporting days back in the 80’s and 90’s……..this new style is a far cry from the polyester fanny pack which let’s admit it, we all had one somewhere in our wardrobes along with our shiny tracksuits.  A belt-bag is up there as my number one favourite trend this season.  Just think about it – it’s no fuss, you wear it around your waist, you eliminate the fear of ‘leaving-your-bag-somewhere’ and you are hands free all whilst looking super cool!  Just think of having a very cool, fashionable, utilitarian tool-belt but still remaining feminine and classy.  It’s a no brainer – practical and chic at the same time.

Furry Sliders

fashion accessories trend 2017 furry sliders

I’m just gonna leave this here and say – you’re either gonna love this trend, or hate it.  I’m a sucker for trends and yes, I love this one.  Reason being – I’m all about being comfortable and looking fashionably stylish at the same time – so who wouldn’t want to wear their slippers, I mean furry sliders as ‘outer-wear’?  Fashionista’s and street-style pro’s were all out in full force during all of the Fashion Weeks in February wearing a furry ensemble on their feet.  I mean, who are we to stand (pardon the pun) in the way of this fashion craze when for once, comfort trumps fashion?

Oversized chunky and mismatched earrings


mismatched oversized earrings accessories trend

Loud statement earrings are also back with a bang this season and the more obscure the better it seems. Think Pat Butcher from Eastenders earrings on steroids and that will give you an idea! As this is such a statement-wear, I suggest forgetting about necklaces and bracelets as these will do all the talking – just make sure they are massive and unmissable. In addition to the larger-than-life oversized, chunky earrings – which have been creeping in since last season by the way, there’s a new earring trend in town and its called…..mismatched earrings.  I salute this because I always think to myself ‘where are the rules saying earrings MUST match?’  There are so many broken rules these days when it comes to clothing such as clashing prints, why can’t the same apply to jewellery?  I love the phrase ‘making beautiful wrongs into stylish rights’ – so here’s a mission for you if you choose to accept it – go to where you keep your jewellery and earrings – close your eyes, pick two different earrings and just go with it.  Ta-dah……you’re bang on trend!


choker necklaces trend

If you thought the 90’s chokers had their day and ‘choked’ (sorry…..pun again!) a slow death after last summers infestation, think again! They’re still here and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.  This season’s choker has more emphasis on a DIY and bolder trend but the dainty and delicate look also seems to be hanging around albeit in a layered style.  Chokers with embellishments can be seen everywhere right now on the high street and everything goes, from thick and skinny bands to textures and materials such as denim and velvet.

Raver Sunglasses


accessories trends 2017

If you want to put some ‘sassy’ into the school run, get yourself a pair of raver sunglasses and re-live that ’90’s-raver-party-animal’ inside you whilst looking very on-trend for Spring/Summer 2017.  Sunglasses have that ability to totally change up an outfit, giving off a bit of a mysterious vibe and this seasons colourful shades definitely add a bit of fun back into the Spring/Summer game.  Raver sunglasses were also the ‘shades-of-choice’ at this year’s Coachella with festival goers sporting the trend in an array of colours and styles.

So you are now armed with a ‘trendy’ list to go out there and get yourself Spring/Summer 2017 accessorised ready……….meanwhile, you’ll find me at the pool (below) with my pink furry sliders……….Seeya!


furry sliders





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