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Four Easy Steps to Increase Your Happiness

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We all have those days when we are stressed out, feel anxious or are annoyed by our surroundings right mamas?! Nowadays, our modern society almost requires us to do multiple things at the same time and we get an overload of information. The good thing is that we can decide every day to do the things that increase our wellbeing. To all you beautiful mamas out there, here are some easy to follow steps to increase happiness in daily life.

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Create a Personal Mantra
This is such a helpful one! If you pay attention to what you say to yourself every day, you’ll notice that you have a great voice within. Make sure it is an empowering one. We spend a lot of time over-thinking and analyzing things that we would like to see different, or that we are unsatisfied with. These thoughts trigger negative emotions and feelings, which in turn make us even more tired.

An easy way is to create a positive mantra that you repeat a few times a day to yourself. For example, I am worth it, I am capable of receiving, I am successful, or I am blessed. You can think of any positive words that work for you, as long as you repeat them to yourself several times a day.

Practice Gratitude
One of my favourites: focus on the good things in your life. Talking about our problems seems to be our greatest addiction in life, so let’s break the habit and talk about our joys. What you will focus on will grow. Each day, just before you go to sleep, write down 3 things you are grateful for. Have a notebook beside your bed to note them down, and add what make these 3 things so good. Take a moment of reflection and reread the 3 good things the next morning, after you wake up. Practicing gratitude is a great way of focusing your attention on what you already have, your blessings in life.


Transfer Kindness
What you will give, you will receive! One of my childhood beliefs that I would like to keep. For a day, try to give some things away for free to the people around you. Whether it is a smile, some positive words or making someone a cup of coffee in the morning. As long as you make a conscious effort, it is ok! Experience yourself what happens if you focus on the other one.

Focus on the Positive Intention
Behind every behaviour, there is always a positive intention. Although sometimes it might be hard to believe, think about it for a second. If your child is not listening to you, it might be because it wants something for him/ herself (e.g. joy). It is not to bully you, or be negative, the intention is ALWAYS positive. What will happen if you experience your day with this at the back of your mind?

Have fun practicing these daily habits, look forward to hearing your experiences!

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