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GapKids Casting Call 2015 – The Fabulous Finalists

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Over the past few days I’ve had the pleasure of trawling through over 5000 photos of cute little faces. Dimples, curls, cheeky grins – I’ve seen it all – and my goodness there are some seriously gorgeous kiddos out there!

And then came the really really hard part. Picking one from each of the 4 categories, to join those chosen by my fellow panelists in the GapKids Casting Call 2015 shortlist. I mean seriously, this was almost impossible – I wanted every single one to be featured (no joke –my first attempt at a shortlist almost had me in tears and after 2 hours I’d only managed to narrow it down to 63). As cheesy as it may sound, each of the kids you entered is gorgeous and a winner in my eyes – and if I had it my way they’d all be the next faces of GapKids!

But here they finally are, the fab 20 who have made it through to the shortlist – from which a lucky four will go on to star in a GapKids campaign, win vouchers and get a whole load of attention, adoration and fanfare. Read below to see how…

gapkids casting call 2015

  1. Aliza Rae, Age 4
  2. Sama, Age 1
  3. Khadijah Andullah, Age 2
  4. Mariam Hamdy, Age 3
  5. Lily Grace, Age 3

gapkids casting call 2015

  1. Damian, Age 3
  2. Taylor Robinson, Age 2
  3. Vivaan, Age 3
  4. Karim Fouladgar, Age 2
  5. Ethan James Halliday, Age 0

gapkids casting call 2015

  1. Ruby Rose Bennett, Age 5
  2. Zara Menon, Age 6
  3. Luna, Age 6
  4. Elsie, Age 7
  5. Ellie, Age 10

gapkids casting call 2015

  1. Roen Cristoph C. Navarro, Age 5
  2. Evan Ottomano, Age 5
  3. Henry Lee, Age 5
  4. Geoffrey, Age 8
  5. Ollie, Age 7

And now mamas, the last part is all down to you so get voting for the little faces you think deserve to make the final edit (yup, I told you this was hard!). Remember that this contest is all about celebrating children and all of their wonderfully unique characteristics and personalities, their perfect imperfections and their beautiful, quirky little features.

Here’s what to do…. visit and head to the dedicated ‘vote’ section at the top left – then hit the ‘like’ button to vote for your faves from the 4 categories. Oh, and spread the word to get more votes if your kiddo is one of those selected (congrats if they are!). Voting will close on August 29th and the four winners will be announced on September 3rd… woohoo!

Good luck to all the kids who have been shortlisted and well done to all those who participated, you are all utterly divine.


Full details on the competition can be found on


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