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Get Cooking With The Kiddos! Easy 2 Step Rice Krispie treats

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cupcakesEveryone loves a rice krispie cake. With only 2 ingredients and 2 simple steps, these are a quick and satisfying treat to make with the little ones and are perfect for taking into school as a farewell gift before the summer holidays begin plus this is a great indoor activity now that the heat has set in.  Get them melting, stirring, mixing and then allow them to lick all the chocolate from the bowl (if you don’t get there first!) Older children can have a go at making these by themselves (just make sure you supervise if the stove-top is involved). 

photo (1)Makes 24-30


300g      Lindt Dark Chocolate broken into squares
150g       Rice Krispies Cereal


1 x 300g bar Lindt Dark or Milk Chocolate
1 box rice krispies cereal
30 Paper or silicon cupcake cases


Weighing scales
Large 3 litre bowl
Wooden spoon or heatproof spatula
Dessertspoon (medium size)
24-30 cupcake cases (depends on size)
Tray (ensure that it fits into your fridge)


1. Lay out cupcake cases onto a tray.
2. Carefully weigh out ingredients.
3. Melt the chocolate using either of the following methods.

Microwave melting:  Place chocolate squares into heatproof bowl – microwave for 3 minutes on 450 medium power.  Remove and use a spatula to stir melted chocolate.  Microwave ovens vary considerably in power, so an extra minute or two may be required to complete melting process.  (Be very careful as chocolate can burn easily due to high sugar content.)

Stove-top melting:  Place chocolate squares into heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, ensuring the water does not touch the base of bowl.   Keep heat low and stir from time to time until chocolate is completely melted.

4. Remove chocolate from the heat.  Use a spatula or wooden spoon to gently stir in the Rice Krispies.  Ensure that all krispies are evenly covered in melted chocolate.
5. Use a dessertspoon to fill the cupcake cases with chocolate krispie mixture.
6. Place the tray of Rice Krispie Cakes in the fridge to set – this should take around 30 minutes.
7. Remove and enjoy!!

To create a simple cool krispie birthday cake, remove set krispie cakes from cupcake cases.  Build into a triangular pile, drizzle over melted white chocolate to ‘glue’ krispie cakes together.  Decorate with mini marshmallows or jelly beans.  Place to set in the fridge for a further 30 minutes. Hey-presto! A super easy cake that looks gorgeous and is guaranteed to be a kiddie favourite.

Planning to have guests for supper mama? grate in the zest of an orange for an alternative fun dinner party dessert – who said rice krispie cakes were only for the younger family members?!


fiona profile smallFiona is a Chef, creative, food stylist, inveterate foodologist and fabulous mama to 2 gorgeous kids. Her expertise and experience are phenomenal; from catering and cooking for the Ferrari Formula 1 team at the height of its glory, to cooking as a private Chef to VIPs and media celebrities, teaching Masterclass food styling seminars and workshops, and writing regular columns and features in Dubai’s Good Housekeeping and Spinneys Food Magazine. When she is not cooking and developing recipes, she is researching food – often in the small hours of the night when she really ought to know better.

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