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Sassy Mama Interiors: Bringing the Outside In

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Give your home interiors the gorgeously green touch.

Craving the outdoors mamas? It all looks so inviting- through the window – but September’s crazy humidity means frizzy hair and meltdown inducing outings (from us). We long to make use of our gardens, picnic in the park and hang out on terraces but we’ll make do with a few home accessories to inject a whole lot of fresh air into our homes for now. So these are our top picks for bringing the outside in.

Home Interiors

  1. Metal Decoupage Trays by The Urban Yogi at Little Majlis AED 450 each
    Tea served with a peacock or perfect pink rose a la quintessential English garden? Yes please!
  2. Tropical Wanderlust Turquoise &  Olive print at Drawdeck approximately AED 100
    When that sandstorm is raging outside a little look at this print is guaranteed to have you planning your next holiday.
  3. Autumn Sky 3 Wick Scented Candle by Bath & Body Works AED 220
    Autumn? Sorry, what’s that? For all you mamas out there for whom the changing skies, falling leaves and crisp air marks the end of summer, this 3-wick candle is a change of season in a jar and will fill an entire room with notes of cedar, lemon wood and the urge to kick about outdoors.
  4. Blue, Green, Grey Felt Garland at Little Majlis AED 55
    Handmade in Nepal these beautiful little balls of felt remind us of rain, leaves and all things fresh and fabulous.

Home Interiors

  1. Garden Print Bed Linen at Zara Home from AED 95
    Bed linen that will enhance those dreams of rolling about in a meadow. 
  2. Hanging Orchids by Tory Waller (Living Green) from AED 450
    Who said that plants had to grow from the ground? Super sassy mama Tory has the greenest fingers and most amazing eye for green detail in town (if you haven’t checked out her crib then do it now!). From orchids to succulents, Tory’s hanging and table-top gardens are just about the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while – and apparently mega easy to look after too!
  3. Rahua Shower Gel AED 185 available at 
    Yes we love an outdoor shower – but in the desert? not so sure. Supercharge your shower time with Rahua’s rainforest grown ingredients to feel great, green and gorgeous.
  4. Leaves rug at Zara Home AED 649
    Missing leaves underfoot? not anymore.
  5. Dorothy Cushion Cover at IKEA AED 39
    Wildflower blooms that will last forever.


Featured image sourced via Pinterest

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