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Interior Design Spring Trends: How to Make Pastels Work In Your Home

pastel interior design
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Pastels are back for this Spring but far from the saccharine shades once associated with nurseries, the new pastels are soft yet sophisticated, varied yet versatile.

Ranging from the palest tints and dusky hues, through to cheerful brights, there really is a pastel for everyone. Light and relaxing, pastels allow the addition of colour without it overwhelming the space. This works particularly well where other elements of the scheme are intended to be the focal point or where the overall aim is a gentle, soothing look in which no one component is intended to shout.


At the more muted end of the spectrum, pastels can read almost as neutral adding warmth and interest while making a subtle statement. Cool blues are the perfect addition to a pared back Scandi scheme while on-trend lilac is modern and chic.

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cool blue pastels

One way to prevent pastels from feeling too sickly sweet is to use them in an otherwise masculine or edgy space. The unexpected juxtaposition of a soft pastel hue with industrial brick work or rustic wood adds a charming twist, increased depth and complexity.

green pastel

If you’re not ready to commit to pastels in one of your main living spaces perhaps try introducing them in a room you don’t spend much time in. Mint green is soothing and fresh making it the ideal colour for bathrooms, while the combination of pink and yellow is about as cute as it gets and brings traditional features right up to date.

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pastels for home

Paint and wallpaper are both relatively inexpensive, easy ways to make dramatic changes in your home. If your walls make a statement then stick to simple, neutral furniture and accessories so they don’t fight. For a modern look try teaming pastels with clean lines, natural wood and metallic accents.

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purple pastel

Bright pastels are about the happiest hues out there and look fabulous when several appear together e.g. duck egg with peach or lemon with mint. The softness of pastels allows for the pairing of colours that might clash or overwhelm if used in stronger doses. If you want to brighten your home then adding accessories in a few of these shades is a great starting point.

bright pastels

For those, like myself, who are drawn to the dark side, pastels are still very much an option. Pale, playful accents within an otherwise subdued or dramatic palette provide an interesting contrast that elevates the entire scheme. The combination of these light, airy shades with grounding black strikes a balance that is about as chic as it gets.

black strikes pastels

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