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Introducing Al Das Clinic on The Palm Jumeirah

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Located on the fabulous Palm Jumeirah is Al Das Medical Clinic, a one-stop-medical-shop with an aim to help mamas and their families when they might be feeling slightly less than fabulous is truly a one-of-a-kind practice and not just because of its amazing location and high-tech equipment (bling, bling mamas) but also because of the variety of services on offer. From GPs to Clinical Nutritionists through to OB/GYN and aesthetic surgery, all under one roof… The doctors have been sourced from all over the globe and are renowned experts in their field.

The Al Das team work at helping their patients towards longer-term health by not only treating existing problems but also actively encouraging solutions towards all health goals. If you need a little extra help when it comes to improving the overall family diet or kicking a bad habit (did somebody say shisha?) or just with feeling a little more balanced, their in-house clinical nutritionist will be happy to help. These guys even have a 24/7 open line for reaching the clinic and booking appointments (don’t abuse this for 1am calls to their pediatricians mamas!) Something else worth noting about this clinic is that they house one of the few adolescent psychiatrists here in Dubai and although we certainly hope you won’t need her services, we know that those who do have been in very good hands.

So whether your little one is down with the sniffles, hubby needs to shed a few kilos or mama wants some laser hair removal, these guys should be able to help you and your loved ones in a professional and friendly way.

At Sassy Mama, we often get questions about aesthetic surgery and where to go in Dubai but sadly we don’t personally have the experience needed to tell you. So if you are in the market for some nip n’ tuck and have questions that you’d like to get answered, we suggest you ask the real experts to make sure you are making an informed decision. And right now Al Das offers a free consultation with their Plastic Surgeons, so make sure to pin ‘em down and find out what’s right for you! Peace and Love mamas.

Call +971 (0)4 452 9998 to book a consultation (24/7 remember..?) or visit to book your consultation.

Al Das Medical Clinic, Shoreline Trunk 10, The Palm Jumeirah,

Brought to you in partnership with Al Das Clinic

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