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June Edition: This Month Sassy Mama Is…

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Check out our June Edition: A mini guide to what our editor is doing and loving in Dubai this month!


Coconut Oil
Vita Coco Coconut Oil. You may have noticed tropical looking displays of coconut oil in the supermarket – and if, like me, you’re trapped by gorgeous packaging you’ve probably snapped up a jar. But this is so much more than just a pretty product – it’s one of those things that all mamas should have in the house – perfect for cooking (we make pancakes and popcorn using coconut oil which gives them the most delicious flavour), using as a moisturiser, a hair masque and even for slathering on the kiddies after their bath (makes them smell divine and their skin even softer). The benefits of coconut oil are no secret – and this one is yummy and now one of my shopping list staples.


bespoke sofas Dubai
Sofas by Boo-burys. Spend too long every day trawling through pinterest? Yes, me too. Well I’ve found a piece of furniture that’ll make your sitting room look the part without spending a gazillion dirhams. The creation of sassy yoga instructor Maya (yes, she does yoga and sofas – cool combo right?!), Boo-burys import gorgeous custom made-to-order high quality leather and fabric sofas from the UK. Choose from contemporary styles to traditional Chesterfields plus a fab selection of sofabeds perfect for accommodating all those houseguests – whether you need a whopper to fill a huge space or something small for a cosy nook, Maya is your gal!

Swearing by…

best foundation for smooth skin
Synchro Skin foundation by Shiseido. If you want your skin to look perky and fresh then this product is the answer. A serum and a foundation in one (love a bit of multi-tasking), it evens your skin tone, camouflages blemishes AND offers SPF 20 protection from the sun – plus it combines Mother of Thyme extract with St. John’s Wort to help heal any damage and smooth roughness. Seriously, I barely ever bothered with foundation but this one has had people commenting on my skin – it’s light, easy to apply and stays put for a whole day. Definitely one to add to your beauty bag (oh and it comes in 14 shades so there’s one to suit every face).

Snapping up…

ethical fashion Dubai
A Wahiro Bag. It’s all well and good having the latest ‘it’ bag hanging off your arm – but if everyone else has it too? Not so cool. At Sassy we’re all about being unique, supporting women and empowering the underdog, which is why Wahiro Bags have caught my eye. Made by mothers of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia and brought to Dubai by a very sassy mama whose Columbian roots make her passionate about helping the community – a portion of the money raised from selling the bags goes towards buying the materials used to make them. A brilliant ethical cycle. Colourful, stylish, handmade and awesome in every way, these bags tick all the boxes. For more information email or follow @wahirobags on instagram.

Geeking about…

Air purifier Dubai
The Dyson Pure Cool Purifier. Okay, it might not sound sexy but when I tell you what this gadget does you’ll want one too. With the a/c on full blast and the kids full of sniffles and colds – plus one who’s mildly asthmatic and another with eczema prone skin, getting rid of anything yucky in the air is majorly appealing. The Dyson Pure Cool Purifier not only removes 99.97% of allergens but also bacteria, bad smells, toxic fumes – basically anything you wouldn’t want your little people to be breathing in. And – bonus – it can also be a fan at the same time. Granted, it looks kinda weird and space-age but that just makes my boys think it’s super cool – and frankly most air purifiers are too ugly to leave out in the house anyway right?! I’m not going to pretend to be vaguely scientific but I do know that this product has had rave reviews and that I sleep better knowing my kids are breathing much cleaner air.

Accessorising my home with…

metal marquee letters dubai
Lights & Letters. Marquee lights have been a trend for a while now and I’ve been a little bit obsessed about getting some since spotting Lights & Letters at Ripe Market (really anything that is vaguely sparkly/twinkly/shiny gets my attention). These particular ones are battery powered so there aren’t any wires to worry about – and they’re the perfect size the only problem is choosing what symbols and letters to go for (I had to reign myself in). Go crazy and spell out words or opt for initials and symbols – they all look magical when lit up. Oh and if you’re having a party then check out the bigger letters for rent – so cool I’m thinking of organising a little shindig just so that I can use them! LOVE!

Creating kids art masterpieces…

kids artwork creations Dubai

With EvieLoveUma’s little legacies. You know the story mamas, the kids come home with oodles of artwork and sparkly creations – all of which you adore (of course) but have no space for so they end up stuffed into drawers or tacked randomly on walls. Well my very clever friend Leonie (am so proud – she’s a mama of 2 and a creative genius too) has joined forces with another fab mama and come up with a way to transform your children’s artwork forever as one unique print, beautifully presented in a handmade frame. The idea was born from a love of what their kiddos were bringing home and an obsession with interior design (and a small amount of OCD – they’ll admit it themselves). The process is simple: choose a size, frame and shape. Find your favourite children’s paintings, craft projects and glitter explosions, give the gals a call and they’ll collect it all, work their design magic and return a framed or canvas print to you in 5 days (along with all of the originals). Too easy! And there are some fabulous father’s day options to go for now that the big day is looming. Email, Tel: (+971) (0)55 830 0375

Cooking (or rather cheating)…

Spinneys Food Honey Cake
With Spinneys – who’ve launched a range of ready-to-shove-in-the-oven completely delicious meat roasts including a boned leg of lamb stuffed with spices that’s one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while. If you’re planning an Iftar at home or even a get-together with friends, the Spinneys team have everything you need to make sure that you’re not slaving in a kitchen but also not compromising on taste and quality (definitely my kind of cooking). Jazz up their homemade moutabal with pomegranate seeds, make a fresh spinach and mint salad with toasted pine-nuts, crushed pistachios and lemon zest and whip fresh cream to top their amazing (and I mean A-MAZING) honey cake before adorning with local figs and drizzling with honey. These are seriously good ingredients with absolutely no nasties, and recipes put together by a chef whose job it is to invent and create and perfect all day (I want that job). Happy eating!


Montegrappa pen fathers day
The husband to a UEFA Champions League Montegrappa pen – a limited edition desk accessory that celebrates 60 years of the first UEFA European Champions Cup and that’s as beautiful as the game itself (and will hopefully minimise his use of leaky biros!). Perfect now that football fever is heating up and as a Father’s Day gift if you and your gang still have no clue what to treat papa to.

Have a wonderful June mamas! 

Featured image via Pinterest

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