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Kale Interiors? Going Green in 2017!

green interior
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Green Is The Colour

Over the past few years we’ve all got very comfortable using blue-greens in our homes with shades like duck egg and teal enjoying huge popularity. But in 2017 it’s time to make the switch from these pretty but fence-sitting hues and commit to the real deal! Pantone Colour institute has named ‘Greenery’ it’s colour of the year. This bright green hue is said to be reflective of a global desire for health, a fresh start and a focus on the environment. In colour theory, green is associated with growth, balance and peace. It renews depleted energy and reduces stress. As you can see from the pictures below, it is versatile in how it can be used and looks fabulous in a host of shades. No better time to go green.

green interior

So much for ‘pink and green should never be seen’. This combination is fresh, modern and fun.

To recreate this look try: Home Center, Ikea, Marina Home and Indigo Living

This traditional bone inlay chest of drawers is brought right up to date with this bright green hue.

Marina Home have a range of similar bone inlay furniture.

kale sofa

‘Kale’ is another of Pantone’s colours of the year. This foliage based shade is evocative of the great outdoors and a healthy lifestyle although, as we can see here, it can also be luxurious and glamorous.

The One has similar sofas and plenty of green!


Both ‘Kale’ and ‘Greenery’ can been included in your home simply by adding plants although if you’re brave enough to take a ‘more is more’ approach with co-ordinating furniture, accessories and flooring the result can be AMAZING!

If you don’t want to invest in real plants then Home Center’s range of fakes is really well priced and really good.

green interior

Without the splash of show-stopping green this tasteful and elegant space would still have been both of those things but nowhere near as interesting.

sage green

For those after a more subtle shade, sage green is restful and easy to live with making it an on-trend alternative wall colour to the ubiquitous grey or taupe.

If, like me, you struggle to keep actual greenery alive then an alternative is to use one of the incredible botanical wallpapers or fabrics that are now so popular.

Botanical bedding, dark walls and gold accessories = exotic, dramatic and glamorous. LOVE!

glorious green accessories

If all else fails, you can always give your home a chic update with some glorious green accessories. No excuse not to go green.

Featured image via Pinterest

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