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Is Your Kiddo The Next Face of aden + anais?

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Since 2006, aden + anais has brought the Australian legacy of cotton muslin to the forefront of modern baby care, offering signature products that combine comfort and safety with style and affordable prices. The award-winning collections of cotton muslin, bamboo from rayon fiber muslin and organic cotton muslin includes a full range of multi-purpose swaddles, burpy bibs®, dream blankets™ security blankets, sleeping bags, nursery bedding as well as a skin care collection and even an electronic feeding and sleep system! Co-founder and CEO, Raegan Moya-Jones is recognized for bringing global awareness to the many benefits of swaddling and cotton muslin and we managed to get some one on one time about how the business has evolved and her plans for the region.

Is Your Kiddo The Next Face of aden + anais?

When you started the business did you have any idea how successful it would become?

I never really thought about it, I was actually far too busy to “dream” about how successful the business would be. I did, however, never doubt that the product would be well received. I was supremely confident that once I spread the muslin word that everyone would respond to it. I just never translated that into the fact that I was building a very successful business on that belief alone.

How involved were your family in the process of setting up and getting started?

When my first daughter Anais was born, that’s when I had the light bulb moment for the business, so by default Anais played a huge role in the creation of aden + anais. My husband Markos was also a big help in the early stages of the business, he was effectively my CFO for the first few years, which he did on evenings and weekends as he had a “real job” of his own.

What kind of feedback have you had from parents?

By far and away the best part of my job is getting letters and emails for parents telling me how much they love our products and how helpful they have been. We are extremely lucky to have such a loyal customer base and we try extremely hard to make sure that we go above and beyond for every single one of them.

Where do you see the company going in the next five years?

We have huge growth plans for the company both here in the US and internationally. I would be disappointed if we didn’t quadruple our business in the next 5 years.

What are your plans for aden + anais in the UAE?

We have really just entered that market and quite honestly have not given it a lot of attention up until this point and now want to make our products accessible to more parents in the UAE through growing our network of brand appropriate retailers. We have always known that it would be a great market for us for the simple fact that the climate there lends itself perfectly to the use of muslin. We will be introducing our broader increasing product range over time and increasing awareness in the market of the benefits of using our various muslin products. I have no doubt you will be seeing a lot more of aden + anais in the UAE in the immediate future.

Have you been to Dubai before?

I have, I was there on business in November 2013 and I thought it was a beautiful city. A highlight was dinner at Atmosphere in the Burj Khalifa, it was a fantastic experience.

Is Your Kiddo The Next Face of aden + anais?

How did aden + anais come to be?

In 2003, I moved from my native Australia to the United States. That’s when I received the news that I was expecting my first daughter, Anais. After scouring store after store, I was shocked when I couldn’t find the muslin swaddle blankets that I knew and loved from back home. Every blanket was either too heavy, too small or just not right. Before I could stop myself I was inventing by way of necessity and I decided to start manufacturing the blankets myself.

Talk us through your typical working day now.

I get up around 7am, focus on getting my four girls sorted with breakfast, dressed and out the door for school. At 8:30 I then focus on me and usually walk out the door at about 9:30am. My commute is 4 minutes by foot so that helps a lot. My work day really varies every day. I am somewhat type A so I am still over all areas of the business in some capacity. I don’t have to worry about the day-to-day as I have a phenomenal team of people that work with me now, but I do like to know what’s happening on a big picture level which can still sometimes lead me back into the weeds. An average day includes a little bit of everything:  design, marketing, finance, new product development, sales, production, supply chain, all of which I have an opinion on, much to I’m sure, the irritation of my colleagues.

What are the aden + anais bestsellers?

Our swaddles remain our best sellers in both the US and Dubai market.  The most popular prints in both the US and Dubai include our jungle jam cotton muslin 4-pack and azure-boy and tranquility-girl which are both part of our bamboo muslin 3-pack.

Is Your Kiddo The Next Face of aden + anais?

How do you feel when you see celebrity parents around the world using aden + anais?

It’s a wonderful thing for our brand that so many celebrities have embraced aden + anais’ products. It’s an even bigger bonus that so many of them get photographed out in public using them. We have a running joke here at the office that we think we should add an additional use for our swaddle blankets, a paparazzi shield. In all serious, I am extremely grateful to all the celebrities who use our products, but no more grateful than I am for all the “regular” parents who also use aden + anais on their babies. At the end of the day everyone wants what’s best for their children and celebrities are no different than the rest of us where that’s concerned.

aden + anais are on the look out for two lovely photogenic little ones to be the faces for the brand in the region. The winners will not only be the faces for the brand in the Middle East region, but will also win a whole years’ monthly supply of aden+anais products!

To enter your child needs to be from newborn to 2 years’ old and you need to be happy for them to be photographed throughout the 12 month period. We’re assisting aden & anais on their quest by collating their competition entries, so all you have to do is send a photo of your baby to along with their name, gender and date of birth to participate. Please note that only UAE residents can enter the competition. The two winners will be selected by the brand. Closing date: 15th February.

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