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In the Kitchen: Homemade Fruit Leather Roll Ups

A recipe for fruit roll ups
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Join our resident nutritionist foodie creator, Ifat, in the kitchen as she makes a childhood favourite, homemade fruit leather roll ups!

I’m always looking for creative ways to give the kiddies their ‘treats’ but I’ve been thinking that using the word ‘treat’ may in fact not be such a great thing. I’m trying my best to steer clear from the rewarding system and using the word treat might be too close of an association. I’ve always been strong on the opinion that they should be able to feel the need to learn skills and do things without having a reward. However, on the flip side though, I think some smaller things can have rewards, and why not have the kids be a part of that reward making system?

Bring on the Fruit Leather Roll Ups! They are simply so easy, very healthy, delicious and nutritious too. Oh, and the rewarding part of the process in making them is that they get to eat what they help make.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 8oz of any fruit you like (our favourite is a berry mix, mangos or apples)
  • 1tbsp of raw honey (only for children older than 24 months), maple syrup, coconut nectar syrup


  • Blend all the fruit and sweetners in a blender at home (we love the Vitamix or Blendtec) 
  • If you’re making this for ADULTS ONLY, you can add in a tbsp of your favourite liquor!


  • Pour the mixture on a Teflex sheet and with your spatula spread the puree leaving half an inch from the edges of your sheet. Make sure there is some depth to the puree while spreading evenly so that you can’t see the bottom sheet. The recipe is usually good enough for two trays.
  • Once ready place them in the dehydrator set to a temperature of 95-100°F/ 35 – 38°C for about 8 hours. When the leather is dry, but slightly sticky to the touch, it is ready.
  • Take the leather and place against parchment paper and press down, slowly peel off the Teflex sheet to make sure you don’t break the leather. Once transferred, cut into strips and roll up!


  • Spread the puree onto a Silpat Silicone Baking Liner or unbleached parchment paper. Heat an oven set to the lowest temp possible usually this is 95-100°F/ 35 – 38°C for 6-8 hours until the centre is dry (not crisp!) and slightly tacky.
  • Peel off and place on unbleached parchment sheet and cut and roll up!

These store great for a month on the counter or in your fridge and make for excellent traveling snacks too.


Enjoy the special treat, mamas and kiddos!

Featured image from Pinterest

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