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We Spill The Milk On Long Life (UHT) Organic Milk By Koita

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Local or imported, bottle or carton, should we go organic? Holy cow- we need some serious help navigating the supermarket milk fridge these days! Well, turns out that mamas in the know are buying up the new Koita organic variety and we are definitely jumping onto that milk wagon.

A homegrown company founded by two Dubai parents who took matters (well, milk really) into their own hands after some serious research, the Koita crew searched the globe for suitable candidates before deciding to offer the prestigious job of producing their milk to a group of happy Italian cows who feed only on mineral-rich grass. The milk is 100% organic and pasteurized using the UHT- method before being packaged and shipped to us in the desert. But hang on, UHT, what’s that?

Ultra Heat Treatment – a means of heating milk for a few seconds with steam and then immediately cooling it down to kill off nasties and preserve all the goodness. Here is the thing; all milk, including your usual short life (a.k.a. fresh) variety, is also pasteurised using heat treatment (unless you get it straight from the cow…but who has the space for one of those in their back yard). The only difference between UHT and the traditional method is the temperature it’s done at. Koita immediately package their fancy Italian milk using air-tight Tetrapak cartons (no plastic – hooray!) designed to keep light and oxygen out and the creamy goodness in. You don’t even have to refrigerate the cartons until after they’re open; we know first hand how terrible ‘fridge tetris’ can be.

Milk_packs_LowFat Milk_packs_FullFat

What about the nutritional value you ask? Does the UHT pasteurisation process affect it?
Nope! In fact, Koita’s organic UHT milk and fresh milk have the same quality of proteins and the key vitamin, riboflavin, is unaffected by the process. And just to ensure that Koita’s milk exceeds customer standards, they’ve enriched it with Vitamin A and D3.

And since Koita’s milk doesn’t need to be flown to retain its freshness, they’ve reduced their carbon footprint by opting for sea shipments from Europe. Plus they’ve shunned plastic for paper cartons, which gets a huge Sassy Mama seal of approval.

Then there’s the all-important question – How about the taste?
Koita work hard to make sure that their UHT milk tastes just as good (if not better) as the fresh stuff. We’d be lying if we said it tasted the same… but not if we told you that it’s udderly delicious (and makes a mean latte too).

At AED 14.50-15 a pop, Koita milk is actually more wallet-friendly than other organic milk available in Dubai. You’ll find Koita’s Full Fat Organic UHT Milk and Semi-Skimmed (low Fat) Organic UHT Milk at: Waitrose, Spinney’s, Choithrams, Al Maya, BiOrganic Store and (Of course, they also sell it over at their website.)

Psst… Word on the street is that the Koita organic moo’s are working on getting flavoured kids mini cartons and a Lactose Free version over to us soon too!


Brought to you in partnership with Koita

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