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5 Ways To Avoid Spoiling Your Ex-pat Child And Other First World Problems

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Expat Brats? What Are They?

WITH teenagers complaining about having to fly coach while they jet around the world this summer (true story, mamas!) and toddlers decked out in designer for nursery (Chanels in the sandpit, I kid you not), it can be a challenge to avoid spoiling little ones here. Here are some sassy ways to make sure your children enjoy the best of everything – without thinking they’re the best of everything.

1. Start small – Dubai’s nanny culture means children get used to having someone else pick up after them, so it’s important to get them pulling their weight early. Keep it simple and ask them to make their own bed every morning (little ones may need some help). Just don’t expect hospital corners.

2. You don’t own me – evoke a bit of Best of British by joining your local library. Teaching your child the concept of borrowing then returning a book should counteract the spending culture of a country often nicknamed Du-buy. The old library ( in the Mall of Emirates costs 200 AED for a family membership and allows kids 8 books for 28 days at a time.

3. Tick the box – don’t shy away from showing your child how hard life in Dubai can be for the thousands of foreign laborers living away from their families. Why not help kids fill a box of useful items like toiletries, phone cards, snacks and fresh water, which can you donate to a worksite? Those unsure of acting alone should check for updates on The Box appeal, the same concept on a larger scale, which is due to run later this year facebook/TheBoxAppeal

4. Volunteer to lend a hand – Dog charity K9 friends ( invites children of all ages (under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult) to come to their shelter and take their dogs out when the summer months are over. A good way to help your child give something back.

5. Give a dog a home – Opening your doors to a rescue dog or cat is the ultimate way to show your child the world doesn’t revolve around them. Rescues are incredibly rewarding but require a lot of time and effort to settle. And remember dogs (and cats) are for life, not just for life lessons.

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