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Mama’s Beauty Heroes: 5 Time-Saving, Miracle-Working Super Products

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Remember that time when getting ready meant a long bath, oodles of time to apply various lotions and potions before fixing your hair and make-up? Yes mamas, so do I. Well I don’t know about you but these days it’s more about multi-tasking (i.e applying concealer while finishing the school project/reading the bedtime story, prizing lipstick from my little girl’s hand and shaving legs in the sink). The solution? Beauty products that’ll help cut corners, save time (and frankly sometimes work miracles). These are my mama must-have beauty heroes.

Beauty Heroes Estee Lauder primer

Estee Lauder Face Primer Plus Illuminating Base

I had no clue what a primer was until my Beauty Ed sister insisted it would change my life. Ok, so I wouldn’t go as far as that but it’s now firmly part of my make-up routine. Think of it as the base on which to put your make up (kind of like the stuff you put on wood before you paint). Smooth it over your face before applying tinted moisturiser or foundation and your skin will look great all day long – a primer will ensure your make-up lasts longer by soaking up oil and other scientific stuff (frankly I don’t know how exactly it works -but it just does). If you don’t want to faff about with re-applying during the day or you have to go from day time chaos to an evening date then this is for you.

available in department stores across the UAE

lush no drought 2

LUSH No-Drought Dry Shampoo

I literally don’t know what I’d do without this product now (apart from permanently look like I had filthy hair). Yes I know, a dry  shampoo is hardly news but honestly this one’s the best I’ve tried – it doesn’t leave you with white streaks or a chalky residue, isn’t ridiculously over-scented and is easy to apply. One little shake into my hands and through my hair and I’m ready to leave for the school-run or out on the town (oh and it’s great at adding volume  if, like me, most of your hair fell out post babies).

available at LUSH stores across the UAE, AED 82

beauty heroes john masters pomegranate oil

John Masters Organics Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil

John Masters, where have you been all my life?! This amazing organic range of hair and beauty products is the closest thing I’ve found to achieving that spa-sensation at home – plus it delivers great results. The Pomegranate Facial Oil is perfect for mature (yes) and tired (yes) skin and can either be applied alone after cleansing (or in my case a splash of water) or mixed with your usual moisturiser. The reason I love it? Firstly, despite being an oil it isn’t at all oily. And secondly, de-hydrated skin will make you look like even more like a stressed-out busy mama – plus your makeup will appear flakey, uneven and generally horrible. The key to looking good is lots of moisture and this product guarantees just that – it’s also fab to use at night and has the most scrummy smell that’ll instantly make you feel good.

available at Kure Beauty & Spa, Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza, approximately AED 110 

beauty heroes nuxe rose cleansing water

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water With Rose Petals

My absolute favourite cleanser, hands down – use it on your face and eyes – it’s gentle and beautifully scented of roses – just squeeze some onto a cotton wool pad and wipe. Because at the end of the day – or night – you need to get all that gunk off your face again and frankly who has time for cleansing and toning these days – and at this point I’d rather be in bed sleeping than performing beauty rituals.

available at selected pharmacies across the UAE

beauty heroes Kiehls ultra facial masque

Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

While you sleep, this amazing product moisturises and caresses your skin, helping you to wake looking refreshed and with zero sign that you stayed up half the night watching netflix and drinking rioja. That is all.

available at Kiehls stores across the UAE



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