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The Number One Ingredient For Healthy Kids

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Want the happiest, healthiest and brainiest kids in town? Of course you do mamas – and there’s one magic ingredient that can help do it all. We’re talking water – nature’s elixir – the awesome clear stuff that fuels little bodies and minds and keeps everything working just the way it should.

Our friends at Masafi have designed two super cute little water bottles to help our little people get their daily dose, one for the boys complete with Transformer label and a pretty My Little Pony version for the gals (or vice versa – whatever works, mamas). Perfect for school lunchboxes, trips to the beach or just to pop into your bag when you’re out and about – there’s no need to worry about leaks, nothing heavy and cumbersome to drag about (because we all know who ends up carrying all the kiddie gear) and the bottles are the ideal size for little hands to grip.

The majority of kiddos don’t get the amount of H2O they need on a daily basis (sweet drinks, soda and fruit juice don’t count, mamas) and Masafi are on a mission to change that – hooray! Thirst is one of the last ways your body will tell you it needs water and dehydration isn’t always obvious but is a big no-no when it comes to children. If they’re always tired, feeling foggy and grumpy, they might actually need more water (as well as being average toddlers or teens!)

Get the kids excited about drinking water – stash their Masafi Cute Bottles within easy reach and reward them when they rehydrate. Keeping their bodies topped up with the magical clear stuff is as important as getting them to eat their greens. And it might be worth mentioning that water is what all superheros drink, right, mamas? 😉

Masafi ‘Cute’ Bottles are available in all major retailers in the UAE.

Brought to you in partnership with Masafi

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