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Some Of Our Fave Mummy Bloggers Reveal What Santa’s Bringing The Kids This Year

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Dear Santa, Please May I Have…

With Christmas just around the corner (25 days to be precise), we asked some of our favourite mummy bloggers in Dubai to share their holiday plans and tell us what Santa might be bringing their kiddos this year.

Corrine Fuchs

Corrine Fuchs, Mommy In Dubai

Where will Santa be visiting you this year?
In Austria on Christmas Day and he will also be leaving a few treats in Canada shortly after Christmas.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Ruby (aged 6) is American Girl Doll obsessed! She has been waiting all year to get “Maryellen’s Diner Set” after she set her eyes on it during our trip to Chicago this past summer! It will match perfectly with her Marryellen doll!

Nate (aged 3) loves to construct things with his hands. He could spend hours playing with his wooden train set & LEGO. It was no surprise to me when he saw this woodland tree fort and begged to have it (I am lusting over it too)

Seashells on the palm

Edwina Viel, Seashells On The Palm

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
Santa will be visiting us in Zurs, Austria this year.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
We need presents that will travel well back to Dubai so Luca (aged 7) will be getting a Casio G Shock watch, Sofia (aged 5) a Kindle, Lorenzo (aged 4) some Lego and Leonardo (aged 2) a Tractor and Bob The Builder DVD.

Gorgeous piccie of Edwina and her family by James Bignell Photography

dubai our sandbox

Emily Liden, Dubai Our Sandbox

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
Santa is stopping by our home in Sweden this year. We are hoping for a white Christmas.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Luella is turning 8 over the holidays. She’s into notebooks, diaries and stationery. So I will get her a stationery set with accessories probably from Typo. Josefin (aged 2) loves role and pretend play. A picnic basket with tea party set is on the gift list.

Heidi Raeside

Heidi Raeside, Tuesdays Child

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
We will be celebrating in Essex. In the house we bought this year. It’ll be our first Christmas there and we’re so excited; we’ve been planning where the tree will go since we decorated.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
James (aged 5) will get this VTec camera as he’s been showing an interest in photography for a year or so and takes some great and thoughtful phone photos already.

Teddy (aged 4) has only just had a birthday, which is tricky for Father Christmas! This sounds odd, but teddy loves his Ikea cloud cushion and his two night lights (a woodland rabbit and a Spider-Man one) and I saw a plush star pillow the other day and knew he’d love it.  ️

Helen Farmer The Mothership

Helen Farmer, The Mothership

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
I’ll be eight months pregnant on Christmas Day, so we’re staying close to home! My family are coming over from the UK, and I’m really looking forward to a Dubai celebration, with a walk on the beach on Christmas morning, and eating later in the day when it gets dark.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Phoebe (aged 23 months) is still a little young to understand about Santa, and am sure will be more excited to have her grandparents here than the promise of any presents. After seeing how much she loves the IKEA kitchen at her nursery we’re getting one for her bedroom, and a talented friend is going to customise it with paint and doorknobs. Other than that, she’ll get a stocking (well, a giant cotton sack from Cotton Collect) and I’m tempted to stagger her other gifts over the following weeks so she doesn’t get too bored with them straightaway.

My little loves blog

Helen O’Brien, My Little Loves Blog

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
We are staying in the Sandpit for Christmas 2016 and very much looking forward to Carols in the Desert, Christmas markets and turning our Air Con down to make us feel the part, as we drink hot chocolates by our cardboard fire place.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Santy (as he is called in our house) will hopefully bring Cadhla-Rose (aged 8) a Horse Riding Barbie and Aoibhie (aged 4) a Ukulele. Lets see if they make the Nice List!

Mum of boys and mabel

Louise Emma Clarke, Mum of Boys & Mabel

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
We are flying back to the UK, staying at my Mum and Dad’s house in Kent.

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Stanley (aged 4) has asked for “a dinosaur toy”. Santa was a bit confused by this, given he has shown no interest in dinosaurs until now – but nevertheless, he will be unwrapping a remote-controlled Arlo from ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

Wilfred (aged 2) has asked for an Octonauts Tower, which I believe is the under-the-sea home of the creatures in the cartoon he loves. Only Santa realised it was a lot cheaper to buy the one that spoke in French, so it has helpfully become an educational toy too…

Mabel (aged 8 weeks) has no idea it’s Christmas – obviously – so Santa is bring her a toybox with her name painted on the side, to match the ones we have at home for the boys. This will stay in Dubai, but we’ll tell her all about it on Christmas Day…

Sara Sadik Magic Mommyhood

Sara Sadik, Finding The Magic In Mommyhood

Where will Santa be visiting you guys this year?
Santa will be visiting us in Downtown Dubai this year! Where else can we watch the annual fireworks show and convince daddy to wear a Santa outfit without worrying about how warm he’ll be in zero degree weather!

What (do you think) he will be bringing?
Adriana (aged 3), a vanity dresser from so she can “get ready” for school while I dress up too. Small enough to perfectly fit in the corner of my bathroom too! Rayan (aged 1) a red pushcar with a loud obnoxious horn so our neighbours hate us even more! Ramsey (aged 2 weeks!), plastic wrapping paper from either his brother or sister’s gifts. It’s not like he’ll know the difference!

Only 25 more sleeps mamas!

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