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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Mamas

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Family related resolutions and how to actually stick to them

Mamas, I’m a self-confessed New Year’s resolutions addict (although sticking to them is another matter – cringe!). But this year instead of the usual self-denial, I’m going down the self-improvement route instead. And if there’s one thing that could use a little self-help, it’s my parenting. So here goes:

Start reasoning stop, shouting:

I almost lost my voice over Christmas and it wasn’t just from all the festivities. “That’s not yours, don’t open that*, sit down**, get up***, are you listening?****” – at times, it seemed like the whole period was one long shout. So my first New Year’s Resolution has got to be – don’t shout. Instead, I’m going to take a deep breath, step away from the situation and try and reason with them when I’ve calmed down. It will definitely save my vocal chords, if not my sanity – though god knows what I’m going to do now the threat of Father Christmas not coming has evaporated.

*kiddo, **dog, *** husband, **** kiddo, husband AND dog

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Eat together more:

Although thinking about food this close to Christmas is making me feel a bit nauseous (anyone else scoff their body weight in chocolate?!), I think this is important. At the moment, with hub working late more often than not, I tend to serve up a kid-friendly feast at around five (scoffing a fish finger or five myself) before sitting down to eat with him when he gets home. But everyone knows that family dinners are the best way to share details of your days and your lives (not to mention apparently being the best way to fend off eating-related issues later on down the teenage track) so this year I’m going to do my best to make sure we eat all together at least twice a week as well as weekends. Work can wait; family shouldn’t have to.

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Help them help out:

One of my major concerns about Dubai is the fear of raising an entitled brat. This year rather than worrying about it, I’m going to do something about it instead. While my mini-me might not be up to washing the car and mowing the lawn, she can definitely start making her own bed and helping empty the dishwasher. We tried the latter over Christmas and she actually really enjoyed putting the cutlery into the right compartments – and the bonus was it kept her entertained while I had my morning cup of joe. Now that’s a win.

Dubai Water Canal

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See more, do more:

I’m going to finish on a slightly selfish one and that’s a resolution to see more of Dubai. Most of us don’t know how long we’re going to be lucky enough to live in the sandpit, so I want to make sure that we make the most of it. There are buckets of place on my bucket list and most of them are kid-friendly. I’m making plans to see the safari park, check out the flamingo flocks in the mangroves, swim with dolphins at Musandam – and when I’ve run through the list, the Sassy Mama site is always teaming with fresh ideas!

Happy new year, mamas!

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