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It’s not about the flowers: The most romantic thing my partner ever did was…

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What’s the most romantic thing your partner’s ever done? In honour of Valentine’s Day, we pause to look back on the surprisingly awww-inducing moments 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (psst! It’s not too late to make those restaurant rezzies or source the perfect gift!), we thought we’d get a little soft and mushy by recalling some of the most romantic moments in our relationships. It’s not about flowers or candy or jewellery, mamas; from pink eye to horse portraits, you’ll love reading about the surprising moments that have stuck with us over the years. What’s YOUR favourite romantic memory? Tell us on our Facebook page!

maura louboutin most romantic gesture

“When we first started dating I came down with a horrible case of pink eye. It was really so bad and I was incredibly self conscious about it. I remember my (now) husband telling me not to worry, that he thought I was beautiful no matter what. I didn’t believe him and was pretty down on myself (it was really horrible, I tell you!) so he decided to take another approach and make me smile through one of the things I loved best. He told me he was going out for a bit and when he came back he presented me with a shoebox that contained a pair of pink shoes to match my pink eye. He said that these shoes would be a reminder of my pink eye and that when I wore them or looked at them I should always remember that he thinks I am beautiful even if I don’t feel in tip-top shape myself. Fifteen years later I still have those pink shoes sitting on my shelf as a reminder that I have a guy who has always looked beyond my looks to see my beauty.”



“I had heard that Sam (my now husband) could draw but had never really seen any evidence and so I challenged him to draw me something in charcoal. A few months later, I was blown away to receive, out of the blue, on my birthday, the most incredible picture of Red Rum and Arkel – 2 famous race horses after Susan Crawford. I knew then that he must be quite interested! The delivery coincided with my sister’s wedding day and so the picture was mistakenly hung up on the wall at the reception and admired by all as they thought it was a wedding present!”


liyana most romantic gesture

“About nine years ago, my boyfriend (who happens to be the man I’m marrying next week!) asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything at that moment and because I’m a sucker for handmade anything, I asked for the biggest personalised handmade birthday card ever as a joke, thinking to myself that it was probably impossible for him to come up with one as he 1) hates surprises and 2) hates coming up with them too. Then at the stroke of midnight on my birthday, he showed up along the road opposite my home holding up a HUGE birthday card (it was massive!) in the air. In that moment my heart was so full because I realised that I really loved this sweet boy and he loved me back in a HUGE way!”


most romantic gesture airport

“I once got stranded at JFK airport in New York after my evening flight to Boston was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. I needed to be in Boston the next morning for a family wedding; my then-fiance, who was already in Boston, drove 3.5 hours through the night to pick me up at 3am, yelled at the airline until they gave me my checked luggage back, and drove us back in time for the wedding. It may be the one time in my life where I ever felt truly ‘rescued.’”


kaya most romantic gesture

Pre-kids my husband’s most romantic moment (other than his marriage proposal on top of London’s Primrose Hill) was when he surprised me with a weekend skiing in Switzerland, taking the train from London to Paris and then a sleeper train through the mountains. Now that we have 3 little ones he’s romantic in lots of unconventional ways. While I might not get flowers I do get delicious home-cooked meals and regular lie-ins while he takes care of the kids – for which I am eternally grateful (and slightly more sane!).”


Anjali most romantic gesture

“I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my job in Singapore, so when I found out I was accepted into a Master’s programme at the LSE, I was ecstatic but anxious about what my then-boyfriend and I would do going forward. The most romantic thing he’s ever done is shown me his commitment and support when he simply responded ‘Awesome news! So, when are WE moving to London?’ Not only did he set up a London office for his company, he took a week off to help me adjust to a new and exciting city. Little did I know that at the same time, he was also meeting a jeweller to design my engagement ring — he proposed a month after we moved and I, of course, said yes!”


kristin most romantic gesture

“Sometimes the simplest acts of kindness are the best! My husband had been traveling like crazy and we are not the greatest with phone calls and staying in touch every day when traveling. One morning while he was away I woke up to the longest message I have ever received on my phone, just to let me know how much I meant to him. It was so sweet and nice to hear all those things that are often not said out loud.”



Happy Valentine’s Day, mamas!

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