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Parenting Memes To Make You Laugh

funny parenting memes
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Laughter really is the best medicine, mamas – and when you’re having a bad day or the kids are driving you crrrraazzzy, these parenting memes will help bring a smile to your face

Memes – I love them!! Assuming you all know what they are (the funny little pictures/quotes that we often see on social media) you’ll probably understand why. Firstly, they bring some joy into my life, however childish and short lived . A meme will  bundle up the bad/funny parts of parenting and life in general in the most succinct and relatable way, with a good dollop of humor on top. These mostly hilarious (and sometimes poignant) little squares can make you laugh at the stuff that can otherwise drive you mad on those days when the kids are being completely revolting, when the husband throws you that flippant comment, when everything seems to be going wrong. Parenting memes connect mamas around the world and make the everyday a bit funnier. And those are just two of the reasons to love and share them.

Below are a few of my faves, mamas. Enjoy!

This is literally me every day coming back from school, carrying the kids bags, the groceries and every other random thing they’ve insisted on bringing with them that day (plus the rubbish they pick up everywhere from the parking lot to the garden and become completely obsessed with…)

parenting meme funny pictures

I dare you to read this next one and not laugh out loud…

motherhood meme

Does anyone else wander from room to room in the house forgetting exactly what it is you were looking for or in the middle of doing in the first place?! Baby brain is a thing. Forever.

parenting funny quotes and memes

Put on your shoes, put on your shoes, put on your shoes, put on your shoes…. and repeat x 500000

letterboard funny parenting quotes

Why not? They clearly love doing it all, right?! 😉

parenting and motherhood memes

My husband and I need to read this every time we think it’s a good idea to attempt another family meal out…

parenting and motherhood memes

And finally….

featured image via Tipsy Writer 

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