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Using Positive Parenting to Raise Happy and Confident Kids

positive parenting and raising happy kids
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Positive Parenting Means Happier Kids! Dr. Sarah Rasmi Tells Us How

We might make different parenting choices, but one thing we can all agree on is that we want to raise happy and confident kids.

Positive parenting is about connecting with our children, setting a good example for them, and raising them in a respectful, empathic, and loving way. This approach allows us to nurture and mold our children into well-adjusted adults.

Positive parenting emphasizes encouragement and reinforcement as opposed to punishment. This means that we focus on the things that our children do well instead of the things that frustrate us. (That being said, there are positive ways to manage, redirect, and respond to negative behaviors. I teach these skills, and more, in my positive parenting workshops. More on that later).


The positive parenting paradigm has six main principles.

Principle # 1: Develop and maintain a strong parent-child connection

A strong parent-child bond is at the core of positive parenting. We can develop this connection from birth.

A large body of psychology research has found that we cultivate this bond by noticing what our kids need (and giving it to them). We can also bond with our kids through physical touch, communication, and shared activities.

Principle # 2: Show them, don’t just tell them

The best way to teach our children how to behave is to show them. We tend to spend a lot of time reasoning with our children. This can be effective, but children are more likely to model what we do than listen to what we say.

Principle # 3: Practice, practice, practice

After showing them how to behave, we need to give them a chance to practice. This can involve setting up certain situations or even role playing activities with our kids.

Principle # 4: Praise good behaviour

It’s easy to fall into the trap of constantly correcting the things that our kids do wrong. So much so that sometimes, we don’t notice the things that our kids are doing well! It’s very important to praise them when they behave in a way that is consistent with our family values and expectations. This will encourage them to maintain that behaviour.

Principle # 5: Respond calmly and respectfully to “bad” behaviour (and remember, the behaviour is bad, not the child!)

No one is perfect – not us, not our kids. We will inevitably need to correct behaviour that we don’t like. This is where the positive parenting skills around connection, empathy, respect, and love come into play. We can deal with the situation more positively when we are calm and respond, rather than react.

Principle # 6: Look after yourself too, so you can respond in a more positive way

It is much easier to approach our kids in an empathic and respectful when our own needs are looked after. This is why self-care is extremely important and not at all selfish. A few minutes a day can be what you need to recharge and get through the more difficult parenting moments (because, let’s face it, we all have them).

Positive Parenting Workshops

I teach all of these skills and more in my Positive Parenting workshops. I’m a parenting scholar, which means that all of the skills we cover are based on the latest scientific research and best practice. I’m also a mom, so I know that it’s easier to apply skills when they are practical.

My role is to support you on your parenting journey, which means that all the strategies you learn can be customized to suit your own family’s needs and values. I know from my community work that every family is different. This is why my role is to empower you to parent in the way that suits your needs rather than dictate what you should do and how you should be doing it.

The course is fully interactive, combining discussions, activities, role-plays, and lectures. I have had excellent feedback about this course and look forward to sharing it with more of the amazing Dubai parents!

I also support parents in a number of other ways. I offer one-on-one parenting services that are completely customized for the family. My in-home consultations give me a chance to get to know your family and understand your environment. This allows me to really tailor my recommendations to your family and home life. I also offer telephone and face-to-face check-ups to families with specific questions about parenting, relationships, or well-being.

Through these services, I’ve helped families with a range of issues, including: temper tantrums, eating habits, sleep, school and nursery routines, and sibling rivalry. These are just a few of the parenting and family issues that I can support you with.

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